Saturday, May 02, 2009

Still Experiencing Problems - All Is Good

Although I am alive and kicking, I am still having computer problems. In a way, it has been good for me to be away from the computer for a while. Thursday I went to Sulphur, OK. My friend, Naomi, had some art work in a gallery there. Naomi is deaf, but she is an amazingly outgoing, talented woman. Her paintings were very nice. I took some photos of her work, but since I am on Jesse’s laptop right now, I will not post them today. The computer issues are with my desktop and my laptop. I enjoyed my time with Naomi. Talking and signing with her is like a mind workout - it is mentally and physically exhausting, but makes you feel great.

Thursday afternoon, I drove to WF to meet my sister at Mom’s house. The plan was just to enjoy some visiting and to do my sister’s hair. We also did Mom’s hair and let my little brother join us for lunch on Friday. It was a good visit with my sister and Mom. Pete was good too. We managed to squeeze in some shopping. I bought a few things at Hobby Lobby – you know how I love art supplies. I drove home Friday afternoon and picked up Toby who had been in Houston for a few day – work related. Jesse came home and I thought the three of us would have a nice quiet evening together. But Jes decided to go play volleyball. Today she has gone to a Renaissance Fair with friends. I sure am glad she has all of this free time now that the play is over.

Toby had to do some work at H this morning – accountant end of the month stuff. He has been very good to try and solve my computer problems, but he has also been very busy with work. So I have been cleaning house, doing laundry, and reading my new book since I finished one yesterday. It is good to be away from the puter.


Buck said...

Being away from the 'puter is good? I need to try that! ;-)

Becky said...

I hope you get your problems worked out soon, Lou.