Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend Report

Saturday was raining and dreary. I got lots done around the house while Toby had to do some work at H. I managed to squeeze the Kentucky Derby into my busy day. It was a horse race for sure! Something you may not know is that Toby’s dad raised racehorses back in the 60’s and early 70’s. He did most of his racing at Ruidosa and Sunland Park and the brush track in Lubbock. Toby grew up going to the racetrack and knows a lot about racing and horses. While living in NM, we often went to the races at Raton, Santa Fe or Alb. Toby’s grandparents had a cabin in Ruidosa. It was fun to go see them and go to the races there. I’m not a big gambler, but I do like to try and pick a horse and put a small bet on the race. Toby was better at the big bets like trifectas, exactas, and such. Our favorite place to see the horses was the NM State Fair in September. We could take the kids around to the exhibits in the morning, hit the races for lunch and most of the afternoon, and then head to the midway for lots of rides and carnival games. It was good quality time as a family. Here is a photo of the family at the NM State Fair in Sept of 1986. Notice the stuffed animals won on the midway. Here are the kids riding the bumper boats.
Shay and Lindz came over on Sunday after church. Lindz and Jesse had some quality time together while Shay worked on our computers. We got quality time with Shay, too, and it was a fun afternoon. And our computers are up and working again.

Jesse and I took the GGs to lunch after church – popcorn chicken and curly fries at the local greasy spoon. Bo and Sara joined us eventually (Sunday was their 6th wedding anniversary), as did Shay and Lindz and lots of other folk from the fellowship. It was kind of like a party at SpeedyG’s. The GGs were in entertainment mode. They kept us on our toes and laughing. GBN2 picked up a lemon slice and started eating it. Every once in a while, she would take a bite of lemon and shiver from her head to her toes – very entertaining if you are easily entertained as we are.


Buck said...

re: the photo of the four of you... you and Toby look like kids yourselves, LOL! I mean that in a best possible (i.e., complimentary) way, of course.

Congrats to Bo and Sara on six!

BTW... you have (hot)mail, in case you haven't checked it today.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Did I ever tell you that my great uncle (who still lives in Raton) was the head groundskeeper at the track? The race on Sat. Was right out of a movie, I had picked Dunkirk, but watching Mine That Bird get turned loose just before the last turn and punch the afterburners still gives me chills! Amazing race! Very cool pics...its funny seeing Bo and Jesse in 1986 when I was graduating high school.

Becky said...

Those are great old pictures. We were never allowed to ride things like that. We were pretty much limited to the mini-ferris wheel. We did spend a lot of time in the barns, though.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, we were just babies ourselves. I'm about 28 in that photo.

Piper, The races at Raton were alwlays fun. There was a playground for the kids when they got bored with the horses. Get Toby to tell you about riding the bus with a bunch of local yahoos from Red River to Raton for the races when Kate and Gary's (local bar) sponsored a race - quite a story