Thursday, June 04, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today is Jesse's 27th birthday. She was born in the wee morning hours of June 4th. With her dark hair and dark eyes, I remember saying to Toby, "This is not my baby; she is way to pretty." Here is a photo taken about 20 years ago. Here is one taken this morning. She thought it was rather lame for me to take her photo in front of the fridge, but I thought it a nice comparison shot with the old photo. We were having lunch earlier this week when Jesse asked us to take her to lunch on her birthday. Toby replied, "Are we going to Denny's?" It is kind of a family joke since Denny's does a free birthday dinner. Years ago when Jesse saw the Denny's ad, she said, "If you have to eat at Denny's on your birthday, you life is pretty lame."

Tomorrow night we will have some friends over and cook fajitas on the grill, play some volleyball, and maybe drink margaritas. I think she has a pretty good life. I know for sure she brings joy to her parents and laughter to her friends.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

yeah...i agree...and since there's nothing lame about Jesse...Denny's is not the place for her. She is a precious treasure for us here in the Kingdom...our lives would be much the poorer without her...and her parents...and her brother...and his fam...i think you see the picture.

Buck said...

Yup. I agree... the woman has a good life, indeed.

Mmmm... margaritas! :D

Skybag said...

I should have worn a side ponytail today. Thanks, Mommy!

Becky said...

She has grown into a beautiful woman! Congratulations on being blessed with such a wonderful daughter!

Jo Castillo said...

Jesse sounds like a great daughter, must be related to you!

Bag Blog said...

Jo, Thanks - of course, you and I are a lot alike. Joanna wrote a that she and Jesse were friend-cousins. I like that.

Becky, Yes, I am truly blessed.

Jes, the side ponytail would probably be a big hit at work.

Buck, thanks for all you do for Jesse and me. You are a good friend.

Piper, I don't mind sharing the treasure.