Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Blog Traffic and Change

Several people have mentioned the lack of blog traffic lately. Jesse thought it was sad that only her mother commented on her blog, but said she doesn’t mind. If you do happen to go by her blog, be sure and check out her videos posted last week. Buck blamed it on lack of interest in his hockey posts. For lack of traffic on my blog, I blame it on lack of interesting material. My blog has turned into a GGs Journal and sometimes art post – not everyone is interested in my grand kids like I am. It could be that after four years of blogging, I just have nothing left to say. Maybe summer and warmer weather makes people want to do something besides sit in front of their computer. Stories often roll around in my head, and I think, "I should blog that." Somewhere between my brain and my fingers on the keys of the computer, the thoughts get lost. It happens with my art too. Possibly it is an age thang, but I am a believer that change is good. Seasons come and go. My season is rather dull right now, and that is okay. Some day we will start building our house. Some day Jesse will have a beau. Some day I will have grandsons. Some day I will travel again. Some day I will paint something amazing. When those days come, I will share stories and photos and paintings. Until then, bear with me.

Last weekend not only did we camp out, but we also helped a church family move to a new house. Ashley’s family moved from their home in the country to a house that they had remodeled in town. So many people from our church turned out to help that there were almost too many helpers. There is a lot of love in our fellowship.

We also went to WF and had supper with my mom. She seemed to be doing fine and is busy with her friends. We may go to the Chapman family reunion next week. Mom has aunts who are in their 90’s. She thinks this may be the last reunion since the aunts are so old. Once they are gone, there may not be anyone to keep the reunions going. It is the way of things. It is another one of those changes of season. As old family reunions die, new family reunions will pop up - if it is important to people.

Sometimes I don’t really like the changes that come with getting older, but there is no point in whining. Change will happen. I may mourn the old, but I want to experience the new. No change is good too, but it does make for duller blogs.


Buck said...

Ah, much to think about here... not the least of which is the seasons of our lives. I'll leave that one lie even though I've been mulling over a "serious" blog-post on the subject for quite some time now. I'm not sure if that will ever be published, though, as most of my thoughts on the subject are rather dark.

But! On blog traffic... I think you've hit on something with the "summer" thought. This IS the season to get out and about, as opposed to sitting in front of a monitor. But subject matter is a big influence on traffic... that, and the way it's presented. I find your posts ALWAYS have that whimsical lil twist that makes me smile, if not laugh right out loud. Which is why I'm here every day, yanno. :D

Becky said...

I, too have noticed lack of blog traffic, or more specifically, the lack of commenting. I blame it--in my case, at least--on lack of interesting material. I've noticed that hits have dropped off dramatically since I stopped posting so much about karate. Maybe soon, things will pick up and I'll be able to get back into class. Then I'll have something interesting to post.

Jo Castillo said...

Ditto. Of course I say I have an art blog and then talk UT Baseball. Boring to some ... ah well, I do it mostly like a journal. I was never able to keep a diary going more than a week or two. Looky here, 900 + posts. I too come over as often as I can for a smile or two. :)


Mezzo SF said...


I am still here, but sometimes my home computer is FUSSY!!! Thus preventing me from reading/commenting/accessing teh interwebs from home.

Mrs. Bear said...

Maybe now days the topics you discuss have to be off the wall to interest people...Erin is branching out on her dating of young men...recently she was invited to have casual drinks with a young man that just finished his Phd degree and a group of "his" friends...knowing that my daughter is very smart I encouraged her to go and try her hand at conversation with a highly educated group of young professionals...the group consisted of a medical Dr., a geologist from New York state, a geologist from France, a Dr of Palentology (sp??) and Erin (way to go Erin!!!)...the topic of conversation consisted of "What is considered a DRUG to the human body...is water a drug?" If I understand Erin correctly the conversation ended up this way...the Medical Dr. got mad at one of geologist and left the bar (and her drink) and Erin was stunned...me being the mother that I am said..."Well maybe you should have changed the subject and told them about the WONDERFUL bargain that we got at Target yesterday!!" Now that is a good conversation starter....honestly...who knows what people are interested in...for me shopping...but for another...who knows...Happy Blogging

Bag Blog said...

Buck, You make me smile too.

Becky, Karate may interest some, but I think it is just the season.

Mezzo, I always love it when you stop by and drop your thoughts on me.

Anny, Erin can hold her own, and if she can't, she will hurt anyone who gives her a hard time.