Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend Report

Friday night Toby and I drove to Lawton so that I could buy a frame at Hobby Lobby for the truck paintings. We had dinner at Los Tres Amigos – Toby’s favorite Lawton eating establishment. Well, we like Whataburger too.

Saturday we lazed around most of the day since we both have some sort of summer cold. By late afternoon, we were ready to do something. We loaded up the catamaran and headed to the lake – just the two of us. We sailed most of the evening with only a couple of minor sailing errors. The first error was in rigging the boat. We put the mast up, launched the cat, and then realized that an important string was tied near the top of the mast making it impossible to put up the sail. We had to back up and start over putting the mast back down, etc. Each time we put up or take down the rigging we get a little better at it. The second mistake was mine. As Toby and I sailed in to the dock area, an important piece of rigging snapped and the main sail or boom came loose. Toby was holding it with one hand and steering the boat to the dock with the other. In my exuberance to be of help, I said, "I’ll jump out on the dock and hold the boat!" Toby should have said, "Yeah right! I’ll get the camera." Instead of jumping on the dock, I jumped right in the water and was no help to Toby. In fact, it caused concern with him hollering, "Are you okay?" as I came up coughing and sputtering. If you know me, you know that I find such things extremely funny – hence the coughing and sputtering while laughing. We got the boat over to the ramp and loaded up without any other mishaps.

While everyone was dressed up at church, Jesse took some cute photos on Father’s Day of her, Bo and Toby. She also took some great photos of the GGs and Bo. While milling about visiting with church folks, we lost GBN2. She wondered back into the church building without telling anyone causing the rest of us to run around the parking area and churchyard looking for her. Sometimes her little independent nature reminds me of her Aunt Jesse. This same independent nature showed through when we went to the lake for some sailing. GBN2 was right in there with the other kids thinking she could swim (float) with the big kids. We had to watch her like hawks.

We spent Sunday afternoon much like last Sunday with the kayaks, catamarans, floaties, kids, etc. all at the lake. I did not take my camera this time thinking you had probably seen enough lake photos. This time the GGS were there along with Piper’s Royals. I should have taken the camera, but Jesse took hers. Maybe she will post some photos. Both GGs had a great time splashing and playing with The Royals. It was a good Father’s Day at the lake, but both Toby and I were worn out when we got home last night.


Buck said...

... but both Toby and I were worn out when we got home last night.

I got kinda worn out just reading this! :D

Becky said...

IT sounds like it was a fun weekend, even if it was a bit tiring.

Bag Blog said...

Buck and Becky,
I think it was the summer cold that helped wear me down, but the lake is great fun.