Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Newsworthy or Not

I can’t decide if I have a bad cold with fever or bad allergies and hot flashes. Whatever I have, I am tired of it. That’s right – I’m sick and tired of it. Being sick does not make me a happy camper. I didn’t blog yesterday because I just seemed so blah. Instead, I went over to Kris’ Journal and unloaded my thoughts on her. Fortunately, she is a good egg and let me rant. Kris has very noble ideas about Geronimo and the plight of the Indians. Me, well, I feel about the Indians the way I feel about most people who live off the government and don’t pay taxes. Do I really feel strongly about this or am I just in a bad mood?

Geronimo's Bones:
After reading the Wiki article (and following the footnotes as well as reading some local articles), I think the whole think is a hoax – college kid stuff. I think a lawsuit against Yale and the federal government is a bit ridiculous. Their lawsuit also names President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Army Secretary Pete Geren as defendants. Now that makes this big news – the poor Indian against big government. The not-so-important side of this story, but of local importance, is that the Apache Tribe here in OK doesn’t want the bones removed from Ft Sill. They believe that Geronimo was buried here, and here he should stay. The NM Apaches want the remains from Ft. Sill, too. If you understand that, then you understand that this is not about the poor Indian vs. big government. It is about a dispute between tribes. So which descendants of Geronimo should we side with? Does that seem all that newsworthy now?

My 32 wedding anniversary is coming up on Saturday. Toby has been talking about taking me some place special. He has several ideas, but no final destination. We have thought about going to OK City, having lunch at Lake Hefner and going to a Red Hawks game. Then we would spend the night and go to the Prix de West Art Show at the Cowboy Hall of Fame on Friday. Another possible trip would be to meander up to Eureka Springs, which is a honeymoon spot and art community with a possible canoe trip thrown in. Then a third possibility is to go to Lubbock to see Toby's mom, pick her up and head to Ruidosa and the horse races. All three possible trips would be fun, although that last one would not be so romantic as practical. A fourth possibility is that we stay home due to lack of direction. We will all just have to wait and see.


Mrs. Bear said...

Now here's a ideal...the honeymoon "room" is open here at our house...this Sat we will be working at Blaine's house, building a deck around the hot tub...have hammer and swim suit??? We got beer and lots of laughs and a bbq grill (with gas). How much more romantic can you get? Seriously if you come this way...I still have the glasses case in my car. Well, honestly I'm serious about the honeymoon room too. You are always welcome with us!!!!

Buck said...

First: I hope you feel better and soon... like BEFORE Saturday.

Second, re: Geronimo: I made up my mind when I read this: "In 2009, Ramsey Clark filed a lawsuit on behalf of people claiming..." Clark is a charlatan of the first order. My default position is to be against whatever that guy is for. He should be stripped of his citizenship and deported for the shit he's done. I'm sure he'd feel right at home somewhere in Anbar province... or maybe Serbia.

re: options. Dang, those ALL sound good to me... even #4. Maybe especially #4. :D

Bag Blog said...

Anny, Too late, Toby made reservations and got tickets to the Red Hawks game. But never fear, we will need to come see Mary Nell soon. We will bring our hammers.

That was an interesting link on Ramsey Clark. People want to make Geronimo into some sort of hero, but in this day and age, he would have been considered a terrorist - hence they made him a prisoner of war for 27 years. Geronimo might be considered pretty cool, but not if you were one of the families he terrorized and killed. It figures that Clark would be in on this.

We should stay home just to thwart Jesse and her plans:)

Becky said...

Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure you and Toby will have a great weekend.

Kris, in New England said...

Lou - you can unload on me anytime. I totally respect your opinion of course. I'm not romanticizing Geronimo at all - believe me I know what he was. What irks me - and probably didn't come out in my post about the subject - is the elitism of Yale and its Skull and Bones Society. Release whatever they have for testing and be done with it.

Hope you are feeling better for your anniversary celebration.