Saturday, June 06, 2009

Still Killin' Flies

Stealing a page from Jesse, I decided to just tell the story in photos with just a small amount of commentary. We had Jesse's party last evening with lots of fun and food. There were probably forty folks here - not counting little ones. The little ones came in and out of the house so much that the house was full of flies. We were still killing flies this morning although it took us a while to locate the fly-swatter.
Here are the little ones playing on the cattle guard. The cattle guard is for future use, and we got teased about it not guarding in cattle sitting in the yard like that.
We cooked fajitas on the grill along with chicken, sausage and pork. Piper made his famous pico de gallo: I made mine as well. Other people brought different side dishes. Lindz baked a strawberry cake for Jesse and a margarita cake for Emily who turned 21 yesterday. That is Emily on the right.
The young people played volleyball until it was too dark to play. Then sat around visiting in what Jesse called "a Martha Steward" setting.
Diva and daughter sitting with the Royals. Tucker and Alex showed off the razzed up lawn mower that they plan on racing in the 4th of July festivities. It used to be our old mower, but now it will do about 100 MPH - if you could keep it on the ground. It will definitely be blog worthy material on the 4th. About 10 PM they all came in the house and played charades and similar word games. It was midnight before everyone went home.
The Bachelor Brothers Grim
I do believe we have some of the most beautiful girls in the world right here in OK.


Buck said...

"I do believe we have some of the most beautiful girls in the world right here in OK."

I do believe you're right. Looks like all y'all had a great time. 'Cept maybe for the flies. :D

Becky said...

Great party, and great pictures!

Bag Blog said...

Buck and Becky, it was a great party. I have done more clean up after the party than I did to get ready for the party. I'm glad she only gets one birthday a year.

Buck said...

I'm glad I only get one birthday a year! :D

Poker Hand said...

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