Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend Report

The Duncan Art Guild paint-out went fairly well. Eleven people showed up to paint. It was not the usual DAG members, but a nice assortment of folk. The wind blew from the southwest and that may have stopped some people from wanting to plein aire paint. It was definitely not much fun holding down your paints, sitting in the heat, and trying to knock out a winning painting. Here is my painting. I painted Barb painting her painting. Clever - don't you think. It did not win, but Barb's painting did win. I was close :)

After the paint-out I made it to the lake around 6:30 PM to join my family who went sailing the new catamaran. Toby said that there was almost too much wind earlier in the day, but by the time I arrived, it was just right. Jesse and Toby did manage to flip the cat. Jesse said it would have been fun, but she caught her arm on the mast guide-wire (there is probably some technical term for the wire, but I don't know it). Her arm-pit is pretty red and raw and sore. That did not deter them; they continued to sail until dark. I forgot my camera yesterday and did not get any photos of the paint-out or the sailing. Maybe Jes will post some.

It was late when we got home, but I managed to catch the last bit of the hockey game - go Wings! Toby and I climbed into bed about 10:30. It was just as we were going to sleep that I heard the wind pick up - howling actually. I asked Toby if it were suppose to storm. He said, "Maybe." With that, we heard a big crash against the house. I said, "The gazebo!" We both ran outside to see the gazebo tangled in the picnic table with poles scattered all over the yard like a garage sale. We gathered up the tent part and put it away - so that we did not have to ask our neighbor for it tomorrow. By the time we climbed back into bed minutes later, the wind stopped gusting. It was just a freak thing. It left two windows on the front side of the house broken - so much for the nice gazebo this summer.


Mrs. Bear said...

I sometimes look at garden stores at all the beautiful out door things they have and dream of how much fun it would be to have some of those things and then I think...WIND and walk away. The other morning I awoke to go out on our deck (after a bad storm the night before) to find our table and chairs all moved about and was thankful that the chairs were not bent. Thank the Lord that our corn is not very big yet or else they might have been uprooted.

Buck said...

Sorry to hear about Jesse's arm; that's not good. But OTOH... it wasn't bad enough to prevent her from keeping on, so that's good.

I like your painting... who WERE those blind, tasteless judges, anyway? :D

re: wind. We've had two days of high winds and mid-90s. I'm sick to death of it.

re: Wings. It could be all over tomorrow night, as I'm (obviously) hoping. GO WINGS!

Jo Castillo said...

Will you get me interested in hockey?? Doubt it. :)

The birthday fun sounded great and the rest of the weekend.

Yuck on the wind!!

I agree with Buck on the art judges. Nice painting.

Becky said...

I like your painting, too. I'd be very interested in seeing the winner. It must be very good to have beaten yours.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

So... is the gazebo completely twistered or can it be re-booted?

i hope that little boating accident doesn't hinder one of my ace server's tomorrow night for volleyball. i suppose i should speak with her about priorities and all.