Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Just a Twinge

The craziest thing happened yesterday at Wal-Mart. I was almost done with my shopping and the cart was rather full. The Graham cracker pie crust that I bought was about to get smushed in all the groceries - so I reached to move it. When I picked it up, the label came off and floated like a leaf on the wind. It sailed back and forth better than most paper airplanes. Then it disappeared. I was standing there thinking, "You are kidding! Where did it go?" I certainly did not want to walk to the back of the store to find another pie crust with a label, but I knew the checker would not be able to get a price as it was. So I slightly bent over to see if the label had slid under the cart. That was the moment I felt the twinge in my back, causing me to not be able to move. The least little movement and pain went through my get-along and up my back. Now what was I to do with all these groceries, and what about my volleyball game I so lamely begged to play in. I called Toby. He said, "Can you lay across the cart? Do you want me to come get you?" "No," I said, "It seems to be easing as I stand here." I was able to gingerly make my way home with the groceries. At home I rested, took some ibuprofen, and was able to test my pain - stretch a little. I found that I was doing much better by the time of the volleyball game. I made Toby go with me in case I needed to be carried out, but it actually went well. We won the game.

This morning I am a little tight. Okay, a lot tight in the get-along, but I am headed to WF. Mom is having a colonoscopy and wants me there. Pray that I am helpful today instead of needy.


Mrs. Bear said...

I hate getting older...nothing works like it used to...I could understand if I had played football or something...all I have done is a little isn't fair...hope you make it through the day!!!

Buck said...

Wow. Here's hoping this twinge was just a passing thing. And congrats on the v-ball win!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

The mark of a true athlete is playing thru the pain and overcoming the opposition too. I'll never call you a whiner again.

joyce said...

and then you played a volleyball game?

I went to the chiropractor today. He fusses that I am letting all the stress of life settle in my neck and back.

What happened to the pie crust?

Bag Blog said...

Joyce, I told the clerk at the Wal-Mart that I wanted the pie crust, but was not willing to go to find the price, because I had hurt my back. She sent someone to get the price.

Piper, You called me a whiner?!

Buck, It is getting better already.

Anny, I really hate this getting old thing, but I love the grandkids part of old age.