Monday, July 13, 2009

Peaceful Weekend

We had a rather quiet weekend here at the Lazy B. We actually stayed home most of the time. Friday we invited my son and his family over for supper. We put out the kiddie pool for the GGs. While I was busy cooking, Jesse got in the pool with the girls and took some pretty funny photos and videos. My DIL was worried that we would never get the GGs out of the pool to eat, but I had a trick up my sleeve. We ate outside. The GGs were loved that. After working up an appetite in the pool, they were ready to take a few steps to the patio to eat supper. It is the thought of going in the house and possibly not swimming in the pool anymore that causes a fight. With the pool and the food just a few feet from each other, all went well. At one point, GBN1 got this gleeful look in her eyes. Then I noticed the kitten walking by the pool. GBN1 got out of the pool with an exaggerated sneaky walk toward the cat. "Don’t even think about it!" I said as she put her wet hands on the cat. GBN1 gave me the "Ahh shucks!" and went back to the pool wondering, "How did Booboo know I was going to give that cat a dunking?"

Jesse took some great video of the GGs reciting scripture verses they learned this week. My DIL has been teaching GBN1 scripture and GBN2 has been picking up on it. I think they are both exceptional.

Saturday we did some work around the house. Toby got carried away with his brush-hog work in the tractor and did not stop for lunch. I fried up some bacon for BLTs, and Jesse and I ate. Since Toby did not come in for lunch, I left his bacon on the table for later. Beauregard, the Basset hound, managed to climb up on the table and eat all of the bacon. Who would have thought that such a discumbuberated animal could get on the table?

It was way to hot to do any more work outside, so Jesse and I decided that we deserved to take a break and headed to a matinee to see "The Proposal." We love silly romance stories – chick flick for sure. It was a fun movie, but as in most PG13 movies, it had some things that would make it uncomfortable to see in mixed company.

Saturday evening, Toby and I headed to a birthday/luau party while Jesse went to The City for a Redhawks game. I carved up a watermelon and cantaloupe to take to the party – yum. Visiting with friends is always fun, but the baseball game would have been more entertaining. Sometimes, it is good to just slow down and take the weekend easy. Toby and I were in bed by ten, while Jesse did not get home till after midnight.

Sunday was uneventful with the usual church attendance. After church, we took the GGs to lunch for "chicken and curly fries," which is a favorite with them. You would think they were getting something really special rather than greasy spoon dining. There are not a lot of places open on Sunday afternoon in Velma, OK. So eating at Speedy G’s brings in all sorts of folk. The GGs love the crowd and all the visiting. After lunch, we all headed home for the Sunday nap. Later, Toby and I made a trip to town and Wal-Mart while Jesse went to play V-ball. It was way to hot (over 105) to be outside. When we got home, I watched a Miss Marple mystery movie on PBS to end my weekend. Okay, it was not a very exciting weekend, but it was very peaceful and relaxing.


Buck said...

GBN1 gave me the "Ahh shucks!" and went back to the pool wondering, "How did Booboo know I was going to give that cat a dunking?"

First... you probably prevented some grandbaby blood from being spilled/drawn, kitteh or no. Second... TSMP had my GBs convinced Nana had eyes in the back of her head... literally... when they were about your GBs' ages. It was funny to watch the youngest sneakily run her hands through TSMP's hair, looking for the hidden eyes.

Hey... quiet is good, most of the time! And it continues with the flippin' heat here, too. Makes me wonder what August will be like.

Fire Fox said...

I think it sounds like a marvelous weekend Lou! I wish I could stop long enough to take a nap in the afternoon!

Becky said...

It does sound like a marvelous weekend, especially the eating outdoors part. There's just something about food in the outdoors.

Kris, in New England said...

Quiet weekends at home are the perfect kind.

Bag Blog said...

I can just see your grandkids looking for TSMP's extra eyes. Little do they know that we have "been there and done that."

Sunday afternoon naps are the best, but then it is too hot to do anything else. Now if I lived where there was a cool breeze off the ocean...

I agree about eating outside - fun stuff.

With Jesse around, we do not get too many quiet weekends. She is a "goin' Jesse."

Mr. and Mrs. Top Gun said...


I wondered who my follower from Oklahoma was! I'm glad you left me a comment! And no, I didn't think you were a stalker ;) I feel honored that you want to show your daughter my funny little blog as 'inspiration!' I would love to have you follow me too- because we are embarking on our Japan 'world tour' and I'm pretty sure my blog will be filled with even more laughs then.

Anything is possible. I met my flyboy (and his plane) when I wasn't even looking for anyone. So, your daughter will be just fine- just tell her to walk through the BX... that's how I met Mr. Top Gun :)