Friday, July 10, 2009

Animals and New Do

Jesse brought home another kitten the other night. According to the Junk Diva, she "stole some poor little girl’s kitten," which makes Jesse a "cat burglar." If that is true, then the Diva’s daughter is an accomplice to the crime, since she was with Jes at the time of the theft. I’m not sure we should let those two run together. But the two kittens are another story. The new kitten keeps the bad kitten entertained. For that, I am very glad. Since there are two kittens now, I have been throwing them outside more. The new kitten seems to do quite well outside. The bad kitten wants in all of the time and is quite the whiner.

The Piper has taken his Royal family to a family reunion and asked me to take care of his dog – Beauregard. The dog has been no problem other than slinging slobber now and then - Basset hounds are slobbery creatures. Beau gets along well with my dogs and could care less about the kittens. This morning he needed some love and attention. I guess he misses the Royals.

Yesterday Toby, Jesse and I had lunch at the fairgrounds where they were having a goat show. It sure brought back memories of when the kids were in 4H. I’ve done lots of horse shows and county fairs in past years. We have also shown sheep and pigs. Those were fun times - glad their over. After we ate, we walked around to see the goats. One little girl had her goat dressed in a pink tutu, and the little girl was wearing a matching outfit. Jesse took photos. If she does not post one, I will steal her camera and post one. The pair was pretty cute and funny.

After lunch, I had an appointment to color my hair - the gray was getting too much for me. My hairdresser tried something new with my hair - a summer color. Actually it is the same color that she normally puts on me, but this time she used stronger volume peroxide to make the dark color a bit lighter. She did not put any highlights back into my hair, which makes a big difference. Anyway, I am darker haired today than I was yesterday. After I wash my hair a few times, it will lighten up, because color fades. Plus, being in the sun will lighten it up – that is why I called it a summer color. Every time I look in the mirror, I am a bit shocked. Who is that strange lady with the dark hair? In some ways, coloring my hair so different is sort of freeing. Once you have done something drastic to your hair, it frees you to do it more often – people are not so shocked by the change if you change more often. In truth, this is more my natural color. It is the color I would be without the blonde highlights. I’ve put so many highlights in my hair, that I have become a blonde. The twelve years in OK, I have been very blonde. It will be interesting to see how people react to the darker me. As soon as I got my new hairdo, I went to see Toby. He said he liked it and was very positive (I love that man!). We went to see a friend last night and ran into several other friends – no one mentioned my hair – not a good sign. I figure anyone who does not notice and comment on such a drastic change is either very dull or does not like the change. When I see someone with a new do, I try to comment nicely – every woman likes to be noticed. Speaking of new hairdos, Jesse got a new do too. She cut her hair off quite a bit. With her curly hair, it looks very nice. Maybe she will post a photo and you can all comment.


Buck said...

...where they were having a goat show.

Was there any goat-roping involved? I've heard stories... :D

re: The new do. Now that I'm older I tend to take more chances, even life-threatening ones like commenting on what I think might be a new do. But in my youth? NEVER. I made that mistake once too often...

I hope the new kitty continues to keep that other one out of your hair and off your extremities.

Bag Blog said...

I could be wrong here, but I would think you could get in more trouble by not commenting on a new do rather than commenting - as long as your comment was positive. If it was going to be negative, you might as well be silent - same thing.

Goat roping is a horse event. A goat roper is a cowboy, but it is not a complimentary term.

joyce said...

wow--comparing your picture with your granddaughters where your hair is as blonde as theirs to the new do---are you trying to cover gray? My gray was so pourous I had to give up. It would be the first thing to show back through.

And what a fine idea getting another kitty to entertain the bad kitty. I hope it helps. Our cats never got along. But, kittens are so entertaining. Do they ambush each other and pounce and hunt each other?

Buck said...

A goat roper is a cowboy, but it is not a complimentary term.

Ummm... I knew that, and I was pulling your chain/pushing your buttons. Don't forget: I did my time in OK. :D

Bag Blog said...

My hair is turning gray, but not enough to let it go, or I would.

When I wrote that goat roping is a horse event, I lol. I figured you knew that, but it just seems so funny to say it.

Junk Diva said...

Are you saying my sweet child is corrupting yours ???? Well maybe.

Your hair does look darker, but i think I may like it, will have to see you in person.

I LOVE to watch kittens play, I will have to come be entertained.

Kris, in New England said...

Lou - LOVE the color! I was born a really pale blonde but have darkened as I've gotten older. And yet somehow I remain a light blonde - :-). Thank god for modern chemicals.

I'd love to go darker but my skin coloring remains for a paler blonde. I do enhance with a light red lowlight in the colder weather. For now, it's all blonde highlights and lowlights for me.

Love the kittens!