Friday, July 31, 2009


Emily came to art yesterday, and we painted. She painted with oils and I painted watercolor. I love it when I have lots of art girls here and the chatter is flowing. But I like to have one-on-one time, too. Emily is always great. From the time she was a little girl, she has made me smile with her grown-up conversation and easy manner. I probably love her most because she is willing to argue with me, and she laughs – lots. I may have to join the SC just so I can dance with her.
Here is my painting from yesterday.
I was reading and looking through Sour Swinger’s photos and enjoying his videos. He often does that thing where you hold the camera out and take a photo of yourself. Jesse does this all the time. Here she is down on the Red River noodling last weekend or I should say filming the noodling (or possibly just goofing around with the camera.
At Corpus Christi
With Reagan.
I could have stolen more off her computer, but you get the idea. Here she is taking one of those self-portraits - I did try to find the photo that she took while I was taking this photo, but it was not on her computer - foiled again! Although I never think to do these kind of photos, I think they are very fun. Maybe we should all do this and post it. Well, maybe later when I am dressed and have make-up on with my hair combed.
Tonight is the Gabriel House fundraiser dinner and art auction. Toby and I will be attending and sitting at a table with the Painted Ladies and their dates. Jesse is going to be serving at the dinner – she is a good egg. I will take photos and share over the weekend.


Mrs. Bear said...

I have tried in the past to take self pics like that and they are ALWAYS worse than I can stand to look at...this last week for my birthday I received a new mini notebook computer 6.5" X 8.5" (will fit in my purse) anyway it has a built in web cam...I turned it on looked at myself and turned it off...yuck!!! Those type of pics always look right up your nose! LOL ummm not my best feature. I'll get my camera and try again.

John said...

I'll argue with you would bring back some good ol' memories...:-)

Sour Swinger said...

I like how clearly you can see Jesse's hand and camera reflected in her glasses.

Btw, I hate to disappoint but my pic here is not a self portrait. My buddy standing next to me took it. :P

Bag Blog said...

I'm honored to have you drop by. I was just sure that your photo was a self portrait with you leaned back a bit - must have just been close quarters.

Mrs. Bear,
Congrats on the new mini computer! You know I am jealous of any new gadget that you get and I don't have. With your long arms, you should be able to pull off a good self portrait.

I never argue.

Buck said...

I always use a tripod for my self-portraits... short arms (and a big unwieldy camera).

Your latest watercolor is very summery... and I LIKE that.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the comps on the watercolor. The tripod is just not the same as the arm length shot. I will take a self portrait tonight at the dinner when I am all dressed up and see how it works out.

Jo Castillo said...

Love the painting! Jennie is our self portrait artist with the camera. :)