Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hob Knobblers

The fundraiser dinner for the Gabriel House was a great success. The difference between the fundraiser for the Crepe Myrtle Society and for the Gabriel House was night and day. Last week the CM people were older Duncanites – more subdued – maybe a bit snobbish. They were very nice people – friendly enough and they bought art.

Last night’s GH dinner was fun. Although it was many of the same people, mabye last night's crowd was a bit younger - more the business people of Duncan rather than the socialites. People were bidding on artwork with a live auctioneer. It made the crowd more competitive and maybe a bit wilder. There was a totally different atmosphere. People were there to spend money and help a great organization – it was for underprivileged children. It went beyond everyone’s expectations. My painting sold for 425.00$. One of my art girls, Sarah Ann, had the highest selling painting at 625.00$. Jesse volunteered to be a server, and was then asked to be the "Vanna White" and present the artwork during the auction. She did a great job and looked beautiful. No one bought her or offered to buy her, but I am sure she got some interested looks. Jes told me that she had accidentally dropped a butter knife while picking up dirty plates from the tables. She said it went down a man’s back (between him and the chair). She told the man, "Don’t move – this is a stick up" as she reached behind him to retrieve the knife. Then she told him that there was no food on his clothes. As she walked off, she rolled her eyes exaggeratedly. She had lots of fun.
Two Painted Ladies with some art patrons Painted Lady, Barb, and husband Painted Lady, Jean, and grandson who is quite cute and an architect student at OU.
We needed a family portrait done for a friend who is doing a memory book. We were asked to turn in a photo by tomorrow. As usual I have procrastinated and did not get a photo ready. I thought since we were all dressed up last night, someone could take a photo of us. Then I forgot. So when we got home, we tried the set the camera up and do the timer thing. Jesse was still being silly and sauntered slowly rather than hurrying to her place after starting the timer on the camera. We all got tickled, and this is the shot we got.


Buck said...

Great pics... and I'm glad all went well with the auction. Jess is ravishing, as always and ever.

But... Enquiring Minds(TM) wanna know... what happened to the "at arm's length" photos? Here I was, all a-twitter (so to speak) in anticipation, only to be let down. (sigh)

Your tripod-self-timer photo is way-cool, though. Consolation prize.

Bag Blog said...

I may still do the arm's length self portrait - next time I put make-up on. Maybe tomorrow. If I do it, I will expect others to follow suit (is that spelled right?).

Buck said...

(is that spelled right?)

Umm... I think so.

Jo Castillo said...

Congratulations on a successful event! Wonderful. Your photo is so great, too.