Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Report for Mid-July

I love it when Toby takes a Friday off, but it sure makes for a long weekend. Friday afternoon, we went sailing with our friend, Scot, who has a catamaran himself. The wind was pretty strong, but kind of gusty. I got a bit seasick and was not enjoying the sailing as much as usual. Jesse joined us after work for a quick trip across the lake. At one point it rained on us, but there was not a cloud nearby – very odd.

Saturday morning we went for a long bike ride, which was fun. I have not been riding my bike like I should and was a bit worn out. Earlier in the week, I rode my bike and had a little crash. It was no big deal, but reminded me of getting bucked off a horse – you get back on and ride, but the next day you hurt in places you did not realize were hurt.

After the bike ride and showers, we headed over to WF and had lunch with my brother and his family. We did some shopping and some more visiting with Pete. When we got home, it was a bit late for supper, but we cooked and ate outside enjoying the evening.

We had so much fun cooking outside that we decided to do it again on Sunday evening and invite the GGs and Piper’s royal family. We started off with swimming in the kiddie pool. Jesse and GBN1 had several "showdowns" with Jesse saying, "This pool ain’t big enough for the two of us."
Later when the Royal’s arrived, the pool really was not big enough.

We boiled potatoes, corn, and shrimp. We grilled steaks and vegetables. We tried some new beers. Here is Bo with his "got beer" commercial. We finished off supper with an ice-cold watermelon and some fireworks. We had an old-fashioned watermelon seed-spitting contest (Jesse took photos, which I will steal if she does not post). The queen was by far the best spitter – causing some pretty funny moments. The fireworks were not much, but the kids loved them. At one point, GBN1 and the Piper's Princesses got very excited. They were cheering the fireworks when GBN1 said, "Lets all spit!" Her mother was aghast, but it seemed very normal to me. Haven’t you ever been so excited that you just wanted to spit?

The evening ended on a bit of a sour note. GBN2 ignored my warning, and I was not quick enough to stop her when she touched the end of her sparkler and burnt her little finger. Did I mention that drama runs high in this family? GBN2 wailed for a long time. Eventually, I put a Band-Aid (not actually on the burn) on the finger and a drop of mustard (on the burn) and all was a bit better.

It was a great time, but a bit like a storm that blows in quickly, stirs everything up, and then blows out as it came in – fast. After the clean up, we were all worn out.

Funny on Sunday:
We sat in the "overflow room" at church, which means we sat in a small, back room with a TV monitor. The Piper’s sat in front of us. The room has a couple of fans to help keep everyone cool since the air conditioner does not do well in the back rooms of the building. Everyone kept complaining of a high whining, obnoxious noise. I thought it was the fan in the front of the room. People behind me agreed. The Piper and Queen insisted that the noise was coming from behind them. We tried turning off the fans, but it was not the fans. We tried turning off the lights, but it was not the lights. I thought it might be the TV monitor, but the Piper said the sound was coming from my purse. I indignantly said that there was no way that noise was coming from my purse. Then I remembered that one of the Painted Ladies had given me a little fan as a joke. I had put the fan in my Bible bag. Reaching down, I pulled the little fan out and sure enough it had someway turned on and was making the obnoxious noise. Everyone in the room LOL at me. I’m just glad that I was not in the main room with the whole church.
The culprit.


Buck said...

Haven’t you ever been so excited that you just wanted to spit?

Nope... but I've been "MAD enough to spit!" (That's what Mom used to say...)

I'm glad GBN2 wasn't seriously burned. But she'll remember not to touch sparklers from now on...

Great photos, great narrative, great weekend!

Fire Fox said...

I love watermelon seed spitting contests! I never win, but it sure is fun! Sounds like you had a great time.... except for the finger burning! Speaking of "spit", I'm sure you know about "mother's spit" and all the miracles it can perform?!!

Bag Blog said...

Fire Fox, I saw a mother spit on a napkin and wipe her child's face. She caught me watching and said, "A mother's spit, better than 409."

Buck, I have been so mad I could spit. It is a similar feeling when you get excited - like at the Hoover Dam where you can spit a mile.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

OK well i'll re-post my original...if i can...THAT was the best tastin' SHELLfish i've had since last year in The Big Easy...l.o.v.e.d. it! and the sweet corn...mmmmmm never a bad choice. Yep...just one more reason i married that girl...she sho can spit her a watermelon seed! Next, if there is ever a biography done on HRHTDP, GBN2 will easily earn the part. I had no idea there was so much drama outside the friendly confines. and lastly, i KNEW that noise was coming from behind me, it was just so ambient i couldn't nail down the origin. Thankyou for being the brunt of our laughter, and taking it so well.

Becky said...

When we were young, my dad would make us spit our watermelon seeds in the garden spot. He kept hoping they would sprout and grow, but they never did.

My mother used to make us stick out our tongues and she would dab a Kleenex on them to wash our faces with. I hated that! I've never done that to Cody. I just let him stay dirty.

Becky said...

P.S. I caught your comment on FB. I don't know why that quiz would say WF is an epic fail. I've never been there, but it seems like a nice spot. And like you said, within easy driving distance to Dallas. I think I'd like living there.

Mrs. Bear said...

OK all you guys out there in OK!!! Are you guys brain dead or something? Take a look at Miss Jessie!! Come on guys!!!!

Bag Blog said...

Anny, Jes is a beauty, isn't she! I love it that she gets in the kiddie pool with her nieces. Too bad Erin was not with her! That would have been some bathing beauties with serious water-gun attitude.