Thursday, August 20, 2009

Different Reasons

This is what I painted yesterday. I think it still needs some work - like more green in the lower part of the mountains, but I wanted to show you that I was not a slacker yesterday. The Painted Ladies each painted something different rather than all painting the same subject. In fact, we went different ways on several subjects brought up. Interesting.

We took a quiz from Gary Chapman's Five Languages of Love book. I have not read the book and probably won't. I don't usually like self-help books, and I have my reasons. Just taking the quiz was confusing enough. Maybe I am a simple person at heart. It has been interesting painting with these ladies since none of us knew the other well before we came together. Getting to know each other and opening ourselves up to each other has been enlightening. How much to share of myself and how much to withhold with the Ladies has been difficult for me. Don't we all withhold little bits and pieces of ourselves for different reasons?
I took several pics of my hibiscus yesterday morning thinking of possible paintings. I liked this one because I caught Jack, the red heeler, in the background.


joyce said...

The book helped me understand my sons better. As each has a different or preferred love language. For example, my firstborn just loves gifts---loves shopping for them, unwrapping, sending, etc. And Bob's is mostly words---written, Scrabble, blogs, letters. So, to give Bob a gift is kinda a waste of time. I tried to point out to my boys that their wives someday may have one or a combination of two or more of the love languages. I figure Jesus, being perfect, has all five (or ten or more we have not even discovered) eh?

Buck said...

I don't usually like self-help books, and I have my reasons.

I'm with ya on this one. It's no wonder the Boomers are so screwed up, generally speaking. Forty years of reading self-help books has GOT to hurt... especially since more than a few gurus contradict each other with their "this'll fix it!" approach.

(Full disclosure: I read "I'm OK, You're OK" back in the day. All it did for me was give me a few snappy comebacks to use... like "You're really being 'Parent' about this!")

re: Being reserved. It can be sort of a problem ,agreed. Friends share, but just how much is always problematic.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Yep I think we are agreed on self-help books. "Friends share" is problematic. I could write my own self-help book for others, but not everyone wants my help. I know this and keep a lot to myself.

Joyce, I know the Chapman's have written some good books, but 1 Cor 13 is the best book on love. I'm not sure I have it down yet, but I keep working to have that kind of love.

Towanda said...

Hi Lou! It has been forever since I have been here, so I will have a lot of reading to do.

I bet the painting you do of the red hibiscus will be spectacular.

DITTO on the self-help books. After all the ridiculous psychology classes I had to take in college (including taking that Briggs Stratton test more times than I can remember) I no longer get within reading distance of a self-help book.

Buckskins Rule said...

I like the painting, Lou. I have painting of some Montana mountains. It was painted by one of my paternal Grandmother's sisters, years ago. It hung in my grandparent's house for all of my memory. After they passed, my father was going to toss it, but I intervened.

I tend to be rather reserved myself. I personally feel it is better to share too little than too much. These days, too many are willing to share too much personal information with folks they barely know.

Buck said...

O Lou, Lou! wherefore art thou Lou?

We be worryin'.

Jo Castillo said...

Nice mountains. Love the colors. The hibiscus photo is super and you will have some wonderful paintings from that.

Shucks, I was planning on you writing the introduction to my self help book.

Bag Blog said...

I could write that intro, but I might have to procrastinate a bit.