Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gone and Back

For most of the summer, Toby and I had been planning a little vacation for this week. The closer it got to our vacation, things started to go wrong. Not knowing exactly how our vacation would turn out, I did not post about it. I did plan on posting at the last minute, but you know how that goes. Sure enough, I ran out of time and did not get to post. We ended up going to Lubbock to see Toby’s mom. Last time we were there, I was able to steal some Internet access and post from there. This time, although I took my laptop, there was no internet access. My fingers have practically shriveled up from lack of typing. Toby says I am a computer junky.

Anyway, we have been in Lubbock the last several days. Toby’s mom was not feeling well while we were there. We did get to do lots of visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Bear, which was the best part of the trip. Their daughter, Erin, came over on Sunday and we all went out to breakfast. Later we dropped in on their son, Blaine, and daughter-in-law and checked out their new house. Mrs. Bear and I spent lots of time catching up and lots of time reminiscing and laughing. I love spending time with the Bears.

Tuesday morning we talked Toby’s mom in to going to the doctor since she was still not doing well. Her hand had been swollen with what she thought was a spider bite. Toby and I were doubtful of that diagnosis from the beginning. The doctor’s diagnosis was an infection, possibly staph, and prescribed an antibiotic. There was some other doctor stuff, but I won’t go into it here. Hopefully, she will start feeling better soon. I wished she lived closer so we could check on her more often.

Toby and I drove home yesterday getting in about 7 PM. It is always good to be home. Toby is off for the rest of the week. I like having him around, but it throws my days off. Maybe I will be back on schedule next week. Computer time will be sporadic.

By the way, it was 107 yesterday here in TX/OK. I am so ready for fall.


Buck said...

Ah! This probably sounds pretty dumb, but I was worried. We're all creatures of habit, and I've come to know your blogging habits pretty well. And most times it's just not good when one deviates from a usual course.

107 is MISERABLE. I feel for ya.

I hope Toy's Mom gets better. Soon.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, thanks for worrying. I had good intentions of letting everyone know where I was, but things went awry and a bit downhill, too.

joyce said...

Sorry to hear about Toby's mom.

It is tooo hot. And James, our Army son is in the field in Lawton. He texted that they had a grass fire, but no one got hurt. He was amazed they'd be taking computers to the field. His bride of one month is sure missing him.

We drove to Lawton Sunday after church to pick up the love seat they did not have room is still in the back of my van. We offload it on her old roommate tomorrow night.

AirmanMom said...

my prayers are lifted for Toby's mom. Autumn is coming!!!! We are actually going to enjoy temps in the 70's! After this crazy humidity, it will be a welcomed change!
Enjoy the rest of the week and I look forward to reading your words next week!

Bag Blog said...

AirmanMom, Thanks for stopping by and for the prayes.

Joyce, I heard about the fires on base, but the news said they were under control. They can be scary.

Mrs. Bear said...

So glad there was a trip made to the DR!!! I thought that hand looked a little weird!! I thought about calling you yesterday but didn't want to be medically pushy!!! Old habits die hard.

Jo Castillo said...

Glad you went to see Toby's Mom and good thing, too. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

Towanda said...

"Toby is off for the rest of the week. I like having him around, but it throws my days off."

Oh that describes it perfectly! I have tried to explain my life since John retired, and never could find the right ones. You said it in five words: "It throws my days off."