Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hotter 'n Hell Coming Soon

The next couple of days will be busy. Tomorrow we head over to WF for the HHH bicycle ride. Approximately 13,000 bikers will all take off from downtown WF Saturday morning. It is quite a site. The weather is cooperating this year with temps in the low 90's - yeha! I will only be riding 25 miles while Toby will probably do more. The ride takes you through Sheppard Air Force Base. Sheppard goes all out to impress us riders. Someone recently ask Jesse, "Don't they line up the planes so that you ride through them?" Jesse's response was, "I don't know about the planes, but they line up the Airmen and you ride through them!" She was being funny. Last year she had to stop and take photos of the airplanes. She did manage to find a pilot and have her pic made, but the lines of Airmen cheering us on were most impressive.

I may have time to blog from Mom's tomorrow, but maybe not. I will try to take some good pics and report when I can.

Update: Joyce reminded me to point out that Jesse has some great photos of the GGs on her blog. Be sure and have look.


Mike said...

Pilots? Bunch of prima donna zipper suited sun gods? Maintenance guys are where it's at, but if you REALLY want a good time, track down a Munitions guy...after all, IYAAYAS (If You Ain't AMMO, You Ain't...I'm sure you can figure out that rest). Being in Munitions Officer training, I offer a completely unbiased opinion on the matter.

The weather today would've been nice to have for body almost went into shock when I walked out of my room this morning from how cold it was compared to the past couple of weeks.

Jo Castillo said...

Gene and I wish you the best. Too bad that 90 is cool there. (The temp for his ride was about 75...good thing for the old guy!) You should do well. Have a great ride and weekend.

joyce said...

Have a great ride!! Can't wait to hear all about it. I am so glad the temps are less than one hundred. Big storm blew through here last night. Impressive lightning display. We needed the rain. It was a blessing.

Bag Blog said...

Pilots vs. Maintenance guys - sounds like ropers vs. bullriders. All are exciting, but some get dirtier than others - did I say that?

Okay, rub it in on the temp difference. It is sad that 90 is considered cool.

We've been having some rain and lightening too - good stuff!

joyce said...

The picture your daughter takes of your granddaughters are so beautiful. I just loved the pictures on the tire swing. So cute!

Buck said...

Heh. Mike made me laugh, but I'm sure SN1 would back him up.

It's a great good thing the WX is cooperating for ya. Have fun!

Becky said...

Good luck in the race! I remember my friend Bill Dowdy, who is from WF, mentioning the HHH quite often. He said they used to ride past his farm, and they would sit out on the porch and watch them.