Sunday, August 09, 2009

Empty Nest Weekend

Toby and I practiced our "empty nesting" this weekend. Jesse went off to the city with a group of young people to see the new "GI Joe" movie. She said it would be her favorite movie, if she were a ten-year-old boy. She then spent the night at Lindz and went shopping all day Saturday leaving us to fend for ourselves.

Friday evening, Toby and I took a drive and mapped out our bike route. Saturday morning (after only one cup of coffee) we hopped on our bikes and rode 16 miles. Back at the house, I took a shower and changed while Toby rode on into town – about another 14 miles. I took the truck and met him at the Southside Diner for a big breakfast. I swilled down their café coffee like it was good. Our next stop was to see the GGs. They were highly entertaining as usual, but Booboo and Crewcraw were worn out from the morning bike ride. It is so good to be grandparents – we kissed the sticky girls (each had a Popsicle) and went home for a nap.

Saturday evening we were really empty nesters. That is what our church calls the people whose children have grown and left home. The Empty Nester group had a get-together last night. Technically, since Jesse is not married and still lives at home, Toby and I are not empty nesters yet. The Diva is in the same boat, but they let us come to their parties anyway, and this party was at the Diva’s house. I think the other empty nesters just know to invite the fun people :) We played a dice game called Bunko. It was mindless, but fun. We were home in bed before Jesse came in. Toby forgot and locked her out – just practicing the empty nest thing. Then he slept through her knocking on the door while I got up and let her in. I guess since he rode his bike 30 miles, he deserves to be tired.

We may get to play some volleyball this evening – I promise to be on my best behavior.


Buck said...

I have mixed emotions about this "Empty Nest" thing... given as how my nest is really empty. :D

I think it's cool your EN church group includes you and the Diva.

This line made me laugh: I swilled down their café coffee like it was good. I'm near the end of the day's first cup... which is ALWAYS swilled down... and it's ALWAYS good, too!

Today's security word: auderide. As in: I should follow Toby's example... I auderide. Something other than the mo'sickle, that is.

Bag Blog said...

The cafe coffee compared to my own home brew is just swill, but sometimes the need for caffeine makes me humble.

I auderide further on my bike, but I may leave that to Toby.

Bob said...

I haven't seen G.I. Joe yet, but given Jesse's review (the "10-year-old boy" part), it's now on the top of my to-do list.

AirmanMom said...

I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading, so glad you enjoyed your 'empty nest' time!

Bag Blog said...

Bob, I can see how you might like the "GI Joe" movie.

AirmanMom, Thanks for catching up/dropping by.

Junk Diva said...

"I promise to be on my best behavior." You have one of those ?????