Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Blahs

Last night I dreamed that my sister had lost lots of weight. In my dream, I thought she looked great, but I was jealous. When I asked her how she had lost so much weight in such a short amount of time, she handed me a tube of some sort of cream. I kept wondering how such a product could work, and why was it not being advertised as a great product. Then my sister started to talk and she was chattering like a squirrel. Pretty funny, huh! Now here is the kicker: in my dream I was weighing my options – be fat or chatter like a squirrel.

Yesterday, I wrote out a post. All I needed to do was hit "publish." I went in search of a photo to add to the post, got another cup of coffee, etc. Then I decided that it was not the post I wanted to publish and sent it to draft. By that time, I had places to be and things to do – so no post yesterday. And I headed to town. I’ve been doing drawing lessons with an older lady in town. She is actually a very good artist – very loose and colorful. I’m not sure she needs drawing lessons, but I do enjoy my time with her. She is quite the firebrand.

I had lunch with Toby and Jesse – our usual Monday. Then I made my big trip to Wal-Mart, which was unusually crowded for a Monday. By the time I got out of WM, I had a serious headache. My car temperature gauge said that it was 102. Will I make it through August?

I just wrote a whole rant on yard work, which I hate, but had to do yesterday. The rant got rather lengthy and was turning into a gripe session on other pet peeves. You will be glad to know that I stopped and reread everything I had written. Then I decided that August was just getting me down and no one wanted to hear me whine. I deleted the rant. Come on fall!


Buck said...

Ah... "the dog days of summer"... (I've always wondered why "they" say that, so I looked it up.) Are you Sirius? :D

Good on ya for deleting the rant. Seriously, I've been told that it's good therapy to write stuff down... all of it... then put it away; you don't have to share it, ever. Kinda like a silent scream.

So... did you make a decision on the fat/chattering thing? I still think you have another option: you could just give what you don't want to me. I'll gladly take it.

Becky said...

I can certainly sympathize with you on the August thing. I am so tired of sweating!