Thursday, August 13, 2009

Green with Envy

The Painted Ladies were at my house yesterday. I cooked some sort of Italian orzo/shrimp dish and made a mango cheesecake from a mix bought at Distinctive D├ęcor, which is an online kitchen store, but has their home store/warehouse in Duncan. The Ladies finished the watercolor video that we started last week. The lesson was a wet on wet technique depicting a foggy hillside. I hesitate to show you my finished painting, because I really don’t like it. Green is such a difficult color, and I mucked it up. After lunch we spent some time in my garden picking okra, black-eyed peas, and peppers. Then we painted my garden peppers on little cards. My two paintings are on the far left. Yep, I paint rather fast and did two to their one.

We saw Lindz and Shay last night at church. It was Lindz 26th birthday. Shay stood up and spoke some wonderful words of blessings on his bride – setting a pretty high standard for other men. Happy birthday, Lindz – you are blessed. I am reminded of last year while picking out your wedding dress: It had been a long hot day, but a fun one. Lindz was trying on dresses at a place where the electricity was off – no air conditioner and few lights. Moe, the little European dress designer, let you buy the most beautiful, perfect dress – one of his originals – for about $200. Then he said something like this, "It is said that if a person is obedient to their parents, they will be blessed. You must be a very good girl." Even Moe knew you were blessed. I love this photo of Lindz trying on dresses and Jesse sitting at her feet. Jesse took some photos that day too, and had a rather different perspective.


AirmanMom said...

great post!
Ahhhh...I remember well the days of shopping for wedding dresses with my two daughters.
Nicely done paintings!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks AirMom. I look forward to the day when I can shop for a wedding dress with my daughter.

Buck said...

I would think the exercise of painting anything in a fog would be difficult... but I suppose it all depends on how thick you wanna make the fog, eh? I also didn't know that various colors could be difficult. Still learning, here... :D

Your peppers look GREAT. I can imagine there was fresh pico de gallo at your place last night!

I remember that picture of Lindsay from last year (I think... or one very much like it). She is a beautiful young lady. But OMG... 26 seems SO far away these days!

joyce said...

I sure enjoy your blog. I don't always comment, but it brightens my day...or night...or early on at 3am in the morning. ha

I can't imagine trying on dresses with no AC as I sweat at Walmart. They keep our Walmarts too warm.

Skybag said...

Certain pigments or chemicals that make up the pigments are more difficult - some are stainers - some are actually a bit opaque.

When you were 26, did you think you were well grown and knew it all?

Thanks for the kind comment. You are right about Wal-Mart being hot. I'm ready for the fall season.

Jo Castillo said...

The green on the peppers came out very well. Guess you could paint peppery fog. :) Painting together is fun anyway.

Loved the empty nesters and the photo with your Mom.

Oh, the good old days.

You can come up here and cool off, invitation still open.

GUYK said...

I gather a mess of peas and okra yesterday myself...and some bell peppers. Heat has got everything else though

Bag Blog said...

Jo, thanks for the invite. I would take you up on it, but it looks like we are going to Lubbock to pick up Toby's mom and take her to Ruidosa. But who knows, maybe it could still work out that we meet you some place in NM.

Our garden got a slow start and has struggled, but the peas and okra are coming on. Hope to see you this fall.

Buck and Joyce, I happended to be on Jesse's computer when I wrote that last comment, and it automatically signed in as her. Heh, heh, I could have some fun with her blog...

Buck said...

When you were 26, did you think you were well grown and knew it all?

Oh Hell yes. I was SO much smarter back then than I am now. Senility is a beeyotch, yanno?

Buck said...

(forgot the smiley-face thingie on my last... like this :D )