Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Out to Lunch

Jesse has a video on her blog of the bike ride through Sheppard Air Force Base in the HHH.

Funny Story:
I had lunch with Jesse and Toby yesterday. We had a big laugh, but I’m not sure I can blog this very well. It may be one of those, "Ya had to be there" thangs. You also have to know that Texas and Okie accents can be very slow – making one-syllable words in to multi-syllable words.

While we were eating a man came over to our table to say hi to Jes – apparently one of Jesse’s coworkers. This actually happens quite often. Young men and older men will often walk by and say hi to Jes. In her little voice, she will return, "Oh hi, Bob," or Fred or Tom or whomever the coworker is. Then she will say, "He works in technology," or manufacturing or testing, or whatever department. It is easy to spot Halliburton employees since they were ID tags to get in and out of the buildings. Sometimes they are wearing Halliburton overalls – a dead give away as to where they work.

This time, a man came over and asked Jesse if she were going to be in an upcoming play at the Duncan Little Theater. When the conversation ended and the man left, Jesse said, "He works in …I think his name is Wolf."
I added, "I think his ID said his name was Bill."
Then Toby said, "Maybe his name is Beo." Long pause. Then in his slow West Texas accent and just the right Texas Twang, he repeated, "Bill Wolf." But it sounded like a slow "Beowulf." We got pretty tickled.


Buck said...

"Maybe his name is Beo."

Yup... I got it just as soon as I read that. :D

Junk Diva said...

Toby is such a hoot.

Anonymous said...

... bhwahhahaha.... that is classic!....