Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Rest of the Labor Day Weekend

Half of Oklahoma may have been at the lakes or barbecuing yesterday, but I am just pretty sure that the other half of OK was at the malls. Jesse and I did some major shopping in The City – mostly for her upcoming trip to France. It is very important to look stylish in Paris. If you are Jesse, you want to be comfy too, which makes choosing the right clothes difficult. Shoes are most important - comfortable and stylish and will go with all sorts of outfits. Although we shopped all day, we really did not buy much We did give it our all. Jesse is pretty picky about her clothes, and she is darn tight with her money. It is a good combination. Jesse would take about 20 items to the dressing room, but not find anything she was pleased with. Then she would say, "I guess we were just not lucky." I would give her my look that said, " ‘Lucky’ is not the right word." She had that twinkle in her eye and little smile that said she was just messing with me. Both of us were tired puppies when we got home last night. Since we were all home at the same time for a change, we decided to watch a movie. A friend had loaned us "The Fastest Indian," so it seemed like a good timed to see the movie. The motorcycle may have been fast, but the movie was rather slow. It made for a quiet evening.

We all went back to work today - Jes and Toby to their "real" jobs and me to my house cleaning and errands. This week is a week of preparations. Jesse is preparing to leave for France next week. I am preparing for a watercolor workshop in Dallas next week. My mom is leaving next week for a cruise up the East Coast. Toby has auditors coming next week. Lots to do!


Buck said...

Has Jess been to France before? If not... BIG adventure in store! If so, it's always good to go back. I'm of the opinion that you can't go to France TOO often. Reading this sort of post (and Mezzo's) makes me wanna renew my passport.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, This will be her first time to France, and yes, it will be a big adventure. Lindz is going with her.

Becky said...

Ugh, I hate shopping for clothes! Especially now, when I'm at the age that I don't want to dress like a teenage hooker.

Tell Jess to have fun in France. Cody is taking French in school this year, and he keeps talking to me in French. I guess that's his revenge for me always talking in Italian.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, Shopping is difficult. Jesse doesn't want to look like a teenage hooker either. She doesn't want to look like someone's mother either. What a choice!