Monday, September 07, 2009

Aunt Jes Strikes Again

Bo and Sara came over yesterday evening and brought 4 lbs. of skirt steak – better known as fajitas. We threw in some smoked sausage and chicken breasts cooked on the grill. Plus, I made two bowls of pico de gallo with tomatoes and peppers from our garden. We had refried beans and Spanish rice as our sides. We invited P & A, Sara’s parents, who brought two pans of brownies. We also invited Terry & Marsha, long time friends. T was once a jeep driver in Red River – back in the 70’s – we have kept in touch and now attend the same church (small world). T & M’s son (Moondoggie) and daughter-in-law came along with their three boys and baby daughter. Between my GGs and the three boys, things were fairly wild (my poor cats will never be the same). Jesse was in her element with the rowdy group, and took some great pics (link below). Without going into too much detail, several funny things happened with Jesse and Moondoggie, who are like brother and sister since they have known each other for a long time.

First: Jesse and Moondoggie were sitting at the picnic table, which happens to be a bucking-bronc table – you know – the kind where if it is not balanced properly, someone gets thrown in the dirt. Sure enough, Jesse got up from her side of the table and Moondoggie went flying and hit the ground. He came in the house to clean up and tattle on her, but I just laughed. Jesse came in and showed no remorse. In fact, she was still laughing.

Second: GBN2 (the little one) was playing with my fan man (pictured here). She thought it was great fun to turn the fan on and hold it against different things – like other kids, the dog, the cats, me, herself, etc. Aunt Jesse gave her a "great idea" and told her to hold it against her tongue (don’t worry – the fan part is made of soft foam rubber). Jesse thought it was great fun when slobber went flying. Bo, her brother and father to GBN2, did not think it was funny and got on to her, but Jesse just laughed.

Finally: Moondoggie came in the house to tattle again. This time he said that Jesse was teaching his boys to pick boogers out of the cat’s nose! He said, "Maybe that is why she is not married!"
Again, I just laughed. Maybe somewhere there is a young man who wants a beautiful wife who will occasionally throw him in the dirt and laugh, or teach their kids to hold toys fans on their tongue to send slobber flying or to pick boogers out of the cat’s nose, which can be necessary. Somewhere there is a special young man looking for such a woman. I guarantee there will never be a dull moment.

Jesse posted photos of the evening -boys and GGs on her blog and they are worth the look.

One last thought: Before Bo and Moondoggie married their beautiful wives and had their wonderful children, they were more fun and quite the pranksters themselves. Funny how things change! Maybe when they get to be grandparents, things will change again.


John said...

Hey Lou...would "T" be Terry, aka Buzzard?? He used to hang with T. Brown in '75. If so, please tell him hi for me. Also, did you take a photo of him yesterday? Would love to see what he looks like now.

Buck said...

Maybe when they get to be grandparents, things will change again.

Guar-an-TEED. And maybe they'll teach their toddler granddaughters how to fetch beer for their GrandPaPa, to the shock and horror of their daughter-in-law. (no names mentioned, to protect the ummm... innocent) :D

Bag Blog said...

I remember some friends of my parents who taught their kids to mix drinks for them - I was awed. I'm sure your son and DIL have benefited greatly from your lessons to the granddaughters.

John, Yep it is Buzzard. I will have to look through the photos and send you one - if there is one.