Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Travelers Return

The world travelers are home. My mom got home from her cruise up the East Coast. Yesterday I got up early and took her little dog back to her. They were happy to see each other. We did a bit of visiting and catching up before I had to head back to OK. When Toby got home from work, we rested up before heading to OK City to pick up Jesse at the airport. Although she had left her car with Lindz’ husband and was planning on driving home herself, we knew how tired she would be. She and Lindz had flown from Nice to London to Dallas to OK City. Toby and I decided to drive up, get her car, and drive her home - and we were anxious to see her. Lindz’ mother felt the same way saying, "I know I will see her soon, but I just want to touch her." She and Aunt B met us at the airport to greet the travelers. Shay was probably the most happy to see his wife returned safely. I made a "welcome home" sign, and we all cheered as they came through the gate. Shay picked up Lindz and spun her around – several times. Since it was late and we still had the drive home ahead of us, we didn’t visit long. I’m sure there will be stories and photos coming. They were happy to be home, but they looked very worn out. Still, they were very funny – laughing at private jokes – looking at each other and bursting into laughter. Here is the little bag that Jesse carried for her ten-day trip. You can tell how small the bag is from the chest behind it. That’s my girl!

Maybe some of you remember the line from "Back to the Future" - whenever George McFly did something stupid, Biff would slap George on the head and say, "Hellooo, McFly!" Apparently Lindz and Jesse used this line, but changed it slightly to "Bonjour, McFly!" whenever they did something stupid in France. They said they had lots of "McFly" moments.


Catherine MacDermott said...

So glad to hear the world travelers made it home safely. Can't wait for the stories and pics. Especially interested in hearing about Nice! Sure was NICE having those NIECES here!

Much love from their French home base

Buck said...

Homecomings are ALWAYS good!

Bag Blog said...

Catherine, thanks for manning French home base and taking care of the girls. They said there time with you was wonderful.

Buck, Having the girls home is always good. Believe it or not, but I know people who do not feel that way toward their children.

Jo Castillo said...

Wonderful that all made it home safe and sound. Great trips.