Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nice Things Happen

Some very nice things happened yesterday besides getting to have lunch with my man and dropping by to see the GGs.

In the mail I received a package from Soldiers’ Angels. Earlier this week I dropped by the SA store and noticed that my watercolors had been made into cards, and I ordered a couple of packages. They came in a very cute bag, 16 cards (four of each painting) with envelopes and SA emblem stickers. About a year ago, I sent four watercolors to a SA card contest. They were looking for new cards to sell at their store – proceeds going to fund their SA organization. It was not much of a contest – more like a submission of work, and they decided that everyone was a winner. You can go here and here to see the paintings when I first posted them and where I found my subjects. I thought that I would get the originals back and send them to the people that I used in my paintings, but SA said they were keeping them and putting them in a museum of SA stuff. Although it doesn’t really matter to me, that is not exactly kosher business in the art world. But hey, it is all for a good cause. SA was also suppose to send me cards as a "prize" for the contest. I guess there has been some sort of mix up, because I never received any cards. Anyway, I bought these, and as I said before SA is a very good cause. I urge you to drop by their store or their site and get involved in supporting SA and our soldiers. Here is the link to Soldiers' Angels. Here is the link to go directly to the Angel Store.
The second nice thing was seeing my childhood friend, Dale. Dale and I grew up together. He has done some commenting on my blog in the past and has done some blogging of his own, but not lately. Dale is retired Air Force and now works for the VA in Arkansas. He and his wife were nearby to go to a school reunion. We met in Wichita Falls for supper. I have not seen Dale face to face in probably 30 years, but through the blogosphere, we have kept up with each other. Seeing him and visiting was great, but I felt like we had never been apart – thanks to computers and internet.

Toby and I finished off the evening having some good coffee and kicking around WF. We looked at cameras at Best Buy, since mine seems to be dying. Although I did manage to get a pic of Dale and his wife, my camera did not seem to be focusing right. And yes, I did ask Toby to look through my camera and see the fuzzy image so that he would know I was not being stupid, crazy or just wanting a new camera. He, too, saw the fuzzy image. I think I need a new camera.


Buck said...

I have mixed emotions about your paintings and SA. First and foremost... congrats on getting your art out into the wide world, and good on SA for printing the cards. I have a BIG "but," though... you'd think SA could put one each of the cards in their "museum" and return your originals. That would be the RIGHT thing to do. I put scare quotes around museum because what sort of charity builds a monument to themselves? I back SA in their efforts to help the troops... and I'll be blogging for VALOUR-IT again this year... but I'm getting increasingly incensed at the organization, and Patti-Patton-Bader in particular. I get WAY too many e-mails and direct mail from her. I don't like Cults of Personality, especially when it comes to charities. (Sorry about the rant)

It's a Good Thing you and Dale got to together! And if you get a new camera... take a page out of Jesse's book. Then you and her can share lenses! :D

joyce said...

Where can we buy them?

and have you ever thought about doing a card/picture of Knottie's son?

Just a thought.

joyce said...

thank you for the link directly to the store. I ordered some! Yippeee!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Joyce, I appreciate your support as does SA.

Jo Castillo said...

I feel lost, so behind on commenting on your blog. Sigh..... what fun to see your old friends. The Soldiers Angels project is super. Thanks for the point.