Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Age Old Problem

Yesterday was a very busy day. Shopping with the GGs was (as Toby's dad used to say) like shopping with raccoons. Eventually I took the GGs to Mom's house where we enjoyed the beautiful day playing in her backyard. We got back to Duncan about 6 PM, where I met up with Toby and Jes to attend a dinner for a local politician. I haven't been to that many political fund raisers, but this one was okay. The food was less than wonderful, but there was some good desserts. While standing in line to get our dry burger and chips, Jesse saw someone she knew - a young man whom she had recently met while playing soccer (her coworkers and a few locals play every Monday after work). He joined us in the burger line and visited with Jesse. Then he joined us at our table. He seemed like a really nice kid. He teased her about her cheating at soccer and how the guys all let her get away with it. Then he said he was a senior in high school and asked Jesse if she were in college. Toby and I both turned to Jesse to see how she handled this one. With her very charming smile, she said she was working. The conversation continued. He eventually went to set with his family and friends.

Although Jesse said that the young man was just being "friendly," it was clear that he was a bit smitten. Toby just shook his head and said, "Poor kid! He has no idea that Jesse is ten years older than he is."


Mrs. Bear said...

Poor guy!!! I have a simular yet worse story...A professor that is (or should I say "was" after I got through with him) interested in my beautiful daughter...a professor that kept ending up at my daughter's races...a man 15 years older than my daughter...I think most of that ended when the professor was invited to lunch by my daughter AND her mother. Nothing like a MOTHER showing up!!! Beware all you men...this mother is NOT nice!!! and I am watching!!!!
Jess you keep waiting the Lord will bring the perfect one!!!

Buck said...

Heh. Jess as "older woman." Oooh-eee! Tell her to be gentle with that young man...

Mrs. Bear sez: Nothing like a MOTHER showing up!!! Beware all you men...this mother is NOT nice!!! and I am watching!!!!

Umm... I can sorta relate, given I was 11 years older than my ex-, she being 19 when we met and I 30. Both Mom AND Dad were serious pains in my nether region, but we married when she (a) turned 22 and (b) graduated from college carrying her maiden name, which was all part of our nefarious plan. We had 23 good years together before "stuff happened." Well, 22 anyway. The last year wasn't so good. :D

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Lofty aspirations are good...though this may be a bit of a stretch. Keep telling her not to lose heart there are those out there who have waited and found there is a VERY good thing at the end of that wait...(cf. The Extended Table)