Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Quiet Cloudy Day

It was a quiet day yesterday with heavy cloud cover and drizzle all day long. I stayed home and did housework and snuggled in. At one point, I heard the dog bark in an odd way and looked out to see the neighbor's blue heeler and my red heeler ganging up on Fighty Bitey Bad Cat - Frankie. I scattered the dogs and rescued the cat, but Frankie was a bit worse for wear. There were no major gashes or tears, but he was not walking well. I carried him to the storeroom and put him on the dog-bed. I put water and food near him and blocked the dogs from bothering him anymore. He is a cat. He will either get better or not. By late afternoon, he came out walking a little better. I think he will make it. It was the excitement for the day.

Since I had time to kill, I looked through Jesse's France photos. She only carried her little point-and-shoot camera. Lindz took most of the photos with her fancy-smanchy camera, and I have yet to see those. Still, Jesse took some fun photos and some videos. It seems that she and Lindz were part of a scavenger hunt in Nice. Some French teenagers needed a blond for their hunt and they chose Lindz. Jesse videoed the craziness - looked like lots of fun. Jes also videoed some of their bike riding, which looked fun, but not so exciting. Jesse has said that the best part of the trip was meeting people from all over the world. I'm sure when she gets Lindz' photos, we will have some interesting pics. In the meantime here is Jesse doing her usual self portraits. How does she do those so well? The "Baracuda" is an old joke between Lindz and Jes reminding them of their first scuba experience.
The rain, thunder and lightning started in the night hours and is continuing even now. Heavy rain! The thunder and lightning bounced me out of bed this morning, and I am not easily bothered by such stuff. The dog, on the other hand, is still hiding.
I'm off to WF with the GGs today.


Buck said...

Great pics. We're cool and cloudy here, with rain in the forecast for tonight/tomorrow. Ah, Fall!

Catherine MacDermott said...

That Jes must have arms a mile long! It always amazes me how she takes those terrific pictures and looks so fabulous in them all! That girl cannot take a bad picture...she's just too darn beautiful!

Anonymous said...

.... Nice is nice....... the Missus and I honeymooned there years and years ago....


Bag Blog said...

we are about the same here.

The key to Jesse's self-portraits is probably that she is so darn cute, but the arms are helpful. When I take a self-portrait, you can only see up my nostrils.

Is there any place you haven't been yet?