Sunday, October 04, 2009

Good Day and Good Wine

Saturday was absolutely beautiful. It was a perfect day for Wine on the Chisholm Trail. The Duncan Art Guild had a booth to show artists’ work. I was there early Saturday morning to help set up the booth. Jesse arrived shortly to take photos and be charming. Toby had to work (end of the month closing), but he came by periodically to check on us, bring us lunch and visit. The turnout was not great, but it was only the second year for the event. Jesse and I did manage to sell a piece of artwork each. Speaking of artwork, take a look at this tiger that GBN1 drew. Is there some talent there or what?!
My brother and his daughter happened to be in WF visiting my mom and decided to drive to Duncan to see my family. As I said, the wine festival was not very exciting with few booths and few attendees, but having my family there made things much more fun. We played with the GGs, who were highly entertaining, but eventually had to go home for a nap. As the afternoon wore on, we sat under a nice arbor shade and drank wine and just visited. Later we all went to supper at a local restaurant. It was good to see my big brother and my niece – a really nice day.
Years ago when we spent some time in Italy, I got very lonely for my family. I figure Catherine is missing her family about now and would enjoy some photos. So here is Craig amidst the wineglasses. Craig playing with GBN1 GBN2, Jes and Nina Grandma and Nina.

It started raining Saturday evening and rained all night and most of Sunday. The temperature was about 62. Toby decided it was a day to make gumbo, which turned out to be an all day affair. It was well worth the time. While sitting around eating gumbo, Jesse suggested a game of Trivial Pursuit. Some of you may be thinking, "How boring!" but we are pretty silly. We give each other a hard time for missed questions or for poor reading of the questions. Toby got this question: What was the last name of the Italian tractor magnate who decided to build his own cars when he became frustrated with his Ferrari?

Toby's answer: Fiat. (he had sound reasoning)
The correct answer: Lamborghini. (a Lamborghini tractor?)
Jesse's response: What person would want to drive a Fiat after having a Ferrari?
It may have been one of those "you had to be there" things, but we were pretty tired and thought it was very funny.


Catherine MacDermott said...

oh you are so right, Lou! I DO miss family so seeing all these great pictures sure does make me happy! Thank you for the stories AND the pictures!

Buck said...

Great pics. Your Mom is looking very stylish these days!

re: Okie wine. Who knew? (aside from Okies, of course) How IS the wine? I'm assuming you did some tasting, judging from the pics...

Trivia: I'm undefeated at Trivial Pursuit... the Classic Edition. I don't "do" any of those lightweight, feel-good editions like movies and teevee (mainly coz I'd get my ass kicked). :D

Bag Blog said...

I didn't have the GGs when we were in Italy and we were only gone for a month. I know you must miss your two GBs.

My mom is very stylish. Thanks for noticing.

Okie wine can be pretty good. Even my Austin-ite brother bought a bottle. You can google OK wineries and get a list, but one was called Oak Hill. Another was Grape Ranch. There is a winery near Lawton called Winery of the Wichitas.

Coffeypot said...

Thank you for stopping by and setting me straight. Still ashamed. And thanks for the comment. I hope I didn't shame you into it. :-)

Catherine MacDermott said...

Lou, I DO miss those grandbabies, but their sweet grandpa (your brother!), stopped by to visit them on the way to Austin and took them to a Starbucks where there was internet and they skyped me! It was great and quite a hoot as we tried to talk -- with "Mimi in a box!"

Jo Castillo said...

This all sounds great and made my smile for the day. I was doing a crossword awhile ago and had this definition: The great American dessert. 8 letters. I read desert and asked Gene, what is the great American desert, Death Valley or Mojave don't fit. After I got an a and a couple of ps I figured it out. We had a good laugh with Gene's mom. Again, maybe you had to be there. It helps that we were also watching "Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader". Ha.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, don't feel bad. I was watching Good Morning America the other day when Chris Cuomo announced Sarah Palin's new book, "Going Rouge." The other anchors gave him a very hard time, because the book is "Going Rogue."

Jo Castillo said...

I heard about Cuomo, I never watch the morning shows.