Thursday, October 22, 2009

Country Girl Artitsts

When Toby got home from work on Tuesday evening, he announced that Alex was bringing a load of crusher fines (pea size gravel) for the driveway. But before Alex delivered the crusher fines, Toby needed to blade the driveway (the middle often gets raised with us driving in ruts). As soon as he changed into work clothes, he jumped in the tractor and was off to blade. Also in a tractor was our friend, Randy, who was cutting and baling our hay. With rain predicted for Wednesday, Randy was rushing around the pasture with his rake and then his baler trying to get the hay baled before the rain. Soon, Alex showed up with his semi-truck and a belly loader full of crusher fines. When I walked outside, the pasture was alive with Toby’s tractor working on the driveway, Randy's tractor and bailer (his rake was off to the side) in the pasture, and Alex in his big truck dumping rock on the driveway. Then I noticed another truck with long gooseneck trailer and another tractor with a front-end loader loading hay as fast as Randy could bale it. It looked like an anthill with the ants busy getting ready for winter. The new guy turned out to be some coworker of Jesse’s who wanted to buy the hay. Still, it was lots of equipment working in a small amount of space. All of this took place after 5 PM and before dark. The rain started in the wee morning hours Wednesday and rained all day and into last night. The pond is full and going over the spillway. Alex delivered another load of crusher fines Thursday morning, but Toby was not been able to spread them with his tractor due to rain. Now we get to try to avoid the big hump down the middle of the driveway and not get stuck in the muck of the pasture. Such is country life. Notice the fall colors in the background and full pond.

On Tuesday’s young art class, I had a new student, Katy. She was enthusiastic and excited about doing art. I think I’m gonna like this kid.

Yesterday I painted with the Ladies here at my house. They all managed to get up the driveway without getting stuck. Of course, they all drive small SUV type vehicles (country girl wanna-be's). It was a good day of painting and chatting. Today I have another paint day with my regular girls, but I do have a new girl coming. I have never met this girl, but she called and wanted to learn some pastel techniques. It should be fun – the more the merrier. I warned her about the driveway. We will see what kind of artist she is and what kind of country girl…

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Buck said...

Nice pic. Baling hay sure has changed in the last few years, hasn't it? It's ALL rolls, now... I haven't seen any of the old rectangular bales in years.

I saw the rain all y'all got yesterday and was most impressed. We had something similar here on Tuesday... rained all danged night and well into yesterday. Cold, too!