Friday, October 23, 2009

Signs of the Time

Jesse was preparing for Camp Yshua last night – baking cookies, packing her sleeping bag, and making her sign. You may remember her tent signs from the past, but I will tell you about them again. Each year since she was 15 years old, she and her buddies have shared a tent together at camp. At some point, they started making a sign for their tent. The first tent sign said, "No Boys Allowed." The next year the sign said, "No Trespassing." One year they used the popular term "Snap" for their sign. A few years ago, the called their tent "The Ritz." Then there was her Navy flag sign, which Jesse made up – something about needing a pilot. Last year they made a sign calling themselves "The Three Amigas." This year things will be a bit different. Since Lindz got married, she will, of course, be sharing a tent with her new husband – leaving Jes and Kat to share a different tent. So we painted last night two signs last night (the things I do for that girl!). One sign will be hung on Jes and Kat’s tent. The other will be on Lindz and Shay’s tent. We did not write on Lindz sign, but we thought about writing "And then they were one."
It makes me wonder what next year’s tent sign will be.


Buck said...

This is a sorta wistful post... but all y'all have fun at camp!

Mrs.Bear said...

I love your art work...the flames you painted on Blaine's soapbox car still sits in his room here at the know Blaine won first place with that car. That is art work that will forever be with us...the memories are priceless to us. I love you!!!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I felt the wistful, too.