Thursday, October 01, 2009

Little Lighthouse Painting

My day with the Painted Ladies went well yesterday. We did more talking than painting - that happens sometimes. Barb out did herself with a wonderful lunch, since it was Glenna's birthday. Because I am the fastest painter in the West, I did finish what I started painting. Mom brought me some postcards from her cruise up the East Coast. Glenna had also recently taken a trip to Cape Cod and had some lighthouse pictures. So we painted lighthouses. It is rather simple, but here it is.

Today I hope to paint again - and maybe have a "me" day.


joyce said...

When the line is short at the post office, I like to ask to see the pretty stamps. They have a new lighthouse sheet of stamps which I bought yesterday. Pretty roof on your painting!

Buck said...

Nice painting there, Quick Draw! :D

There's just something about lighthouses, no?

Believe it or don't... Michigan has some great old lights. Nearly all are unattended these days but the original buildings (along with the lights themselves) have been preserved as National Historic sites, for the most part.

Bag Blog said...

Yep, that's me, Ol' Quick Draw McBaggett.

Jo Castillo said...

Very nicely done. Do you do much sketching before you start your watercolors?