Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More France Photos

Yesterday was a busy art day with my young girls. One of the girls came early to work on an art project - something for her grandmother. Right now, I am giving them projects to paint rather than letting them choose. Most of the time, they choose poorly. Just because you see a pretty picture, doesn't mean you should paint it. Teaching-wise, it is easier to keep them all doing the same project. Yesterday the girls were finishing one project and starting another - it kept me hopping. I thought it went well and was very productive.

I don't have much new to write, but Jesse still has lots of France photos. Nice Nice.
Fast cars in Monaco.
And boats.
Hmm, nice name.
I've been trying to upload a video, but I may have to change computers to do it.


Buck said...

re: "Lou Nissart." C'mon, Lou. You can't keep that Swiss bank account secret for EVER.

If that car were orange it would be the perfect Halloween ride.

Anonymous said...

... Nice is nice.... the Missus and I honeymooned there many years ago..... beautiful photos!..


Anonymous said...

Bag Blog, I love looking at all of your pictures. Me(Amber)and James live in Lawton :) Not to far from you guys. I've been wanting to take a drive to Duncan. You follow my Mother-in-law, Joyce's blog. I saw your comment about going to Chili's and keeping an eye out for us. :) We should try to do lunch or dinner some weekend. Until then I'll just enjoy reading your blog.

Bag Blog said...

Amber, I would love to do lunch sometime. My email is on my "about me" page.

Buck, they say that some of the richest people in our country drive pick-up trucks. But I would bet they are rich because they do NOT put their money into yachts in Monaco. If I were rich, I would buy a house in Italy.

Eric, A honeymoon in Nice would be nice. I didn't know you were such a romantic.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said... was the pic of...the fast looking black boat or that SWEET 60 footer right behind? I'm thinkin Toby likes THAT one.

Mrs. Bear said...

OK here goes Miss Practical. I like the way the boats have the tarp hooked inside the boat..that way the inside of the boat stays clean...with our boat the wind is always lifting the tarp up and junk gets inside the boat and when spring comes you have a mess...part of that could be due to us living in a wind tunnel.

Bag Blog said...

Piper, I would bet that Jes and her dad liked the boat with the masts.

Anny, You are always so practical - I can just see you cleaning your yacht.

Jo Castillo said...

The trip looks mah-va-lus! Great photos to remember with, too.

Buckskins Rule said...

"they say that some of the richest people in our country drive pick-up trucks"

They don't call them cowboy cadillac's for nothing.