Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The "Posed Pretty Girl" Photos

I just spent a large part of the morning looking through some of Jesse's photos of France. They took lots of photos and most are great. She has posted some herself, but here are a few that I liked. Most of the early shots are posed nicely for the camera. Here are some of my favorites, that show that they were getting sillier and more at ease as the trip went on. Know that I only chose five photos today.
I call these "The Pretty Girl Photos" And of course, there were some serious map study photos. There were lots of self portraits. I chose this one because they were tanned and looking more European.
But my absoulte favorite photos were the ones where Jesse is just Jesse. They also did a series of videos, which are hilarious - I will get permission (or not) to post one later.


Buck said...

Pretty girls in a VERY pretty place. I swear... you keep this up and I WILL renew my passport. :p

Skybag said...

Thanks Mom. There's nothing like having a picture of yourself sitting indian style in a skirt, with you hair frizzed out, posted for all the world to see!

Towanda said...

These pictures are just so beautiful. Both the girls AND the setting!

Jesse - actually that last picture of you is my favorite.