Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Report - camp

Every morning T0by and I drink a cup of coffee and watch the local weather. Of course, we hear some local news too. This morning we got a good laugh as the KSWO anchor reported that a Texas woman, Ernestina Mondragon, was ticketed for being a non English speaking driver - later she got an apology from the Dallas police. The funny part was the anchor pronounced her name, "mon-dragon" as in the mythical creature.

Camp was good this year. Friday, the wind was a bit chilly, but the sunshine was nice. Saturday was very nice. We played with the GGs most of the time, but did manage to get in a game or two of volleyball. You know how I love that. The volleyball court is sand - so we set the GGs to play in the sand while we play. I did not take very many photos, since my camera is having some problems. Jesse may have taken more - I'll let you know if she posts them. In the meantime, here is a few of mine. You can see how the kids play in the sand around the court. Crewcraw enjoying the GGs and sand. GBN2 liked hiding behind the trees -not so fun for her mother. The Piper's tent.

I read back over my last post and thought, "Gee, I bet people think I fight all the time." For those of you who snorted just then, you should know I don't fight all of the time, but I will stand my ground. And I do wade into fight now and then, if I think it is important. Sometimes, though, it is better to back off and see what happens. As for my recent bouts, they are both over. The FaceBook bout turned out like I thought it would - my "friend" told me that I was no longer her friend. Sounds childish - doesn't it? Just know that my friend is a liberal, new age sort of person who wants the world to all come together in love and tolerance. But when I questioned her views, she became angry, called me names, and then blocked me - how very intolerant of her. And yet, very typical of her type - probably because the peace and love she has "inside" her is just for people who agree with her. Oh well.

The weather here is cloudy and cold, but the real killer is the wind. Whipping is the word that comes to mind.


Jo Castillo said...

"And yet, very typical of her type - probably because the peace and love she has "inside" her is just for people who agree with her. Oh well."

Isn't that the definition of a liberal?

One of my really good friends get so irritated if I mention any, and I mean any, conservative thought. We usually just talk art .. and of course most artists are liberals. Another put a challenge on the local Public Radio for the artists of our group. I told him I don't listen when they are having fundraisers, they get my money in their government handouts. I am probably blocked from his list now, ha. Ah well. Looks like we all got well needed rain, still raining here on Monday. (My word verification is syclo .. I read (p)sycho.)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

you may have just inspired a post. First of all, me and that reporter must be Okies. Next, it's always interesting to see what spills out when somebody's bucket gets bumped. We're all being filled with something, and everybody can tell what it is from what comes out.

Buck said...

Yup... what Jo said. I had something similar in my head when I opened the comments window. I only have ONE Liberal friend who is actually tolerant in that she and I "agree to disagree" and yet continue to discuss politics. I have this feeling she's hoping I come back into the fold... we go back over 30 years and she knew me when I was a raging moonbat. As a matter of fact, she credits me as the primary influence in forming her political views... to my EVERLASTING shame. :p

re: Camp. Who's the guy with the Michigan (UofM) hat? I'm bettin' he gets some grief from the Sooner fans! And can you remember life before camp chairs? Isn't it strange how we ALL have 'em now?

John said...

Lou...everyone knows that liberals have never been wrong about anything. You can ask them. "Anytime". Where is Craig when I need him???

Reading a best seller you would enjoy Lou..."Lone Survivor" which is an eyewitness account of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of Seal Team 10 in Afghanistan. Amazing read.

Bag Blog said...

John, I would like to read "Lone Survivor."

Buck, The guy with the Michigan hat is Felipe - originally from San Antonio, but moved to Michigan as a youngster. He is also an ex-Marine.

I love the camp chairs, but some people don't like the feel of them - the Diva has found herself some old folding chairs - la-te-da!

Piper, If you could not have pronounced Mondragon correctly, I'm gonna have to do some fixin' on ya.

Jo, I like the way you think.

Mrs. Bear said...

I love the comment of "What spills out when someones bucket get bumped" That is just what we need to look at. My mom(rest her soul)always said, "In a disagreement always look in your own backyard first when making a judgment". But the "bucket bump" is an even better thought. Thanks Piper...very wise!!!!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Well...i gotta come ain't my own...some guy named Milt from Palestine, TX used to say that...but its a good one nonetheless.