Thursday, December 03, 2009

And Then There Were Grandkids

Years ago:
After nine months and three weeks of being pregnant and a horrible 26 hours of labor, they put Bo in my arms. He was long and skinny. He had eyes way too big for his face, which was bruised and lopsided. He was yellow and seemed to have an awful lot of extra skin – a bit like a plucked chicken. As I looked him over, I thought, "I never knew what love was until this moment." I assume other people feel this same way. Upon seeing his firstborn son, my friend, Bear, called his father and apologized – he had never understood how much a father loves his son until that moment.

And then there were grandchildren…and the feeling was renewed. Last year GBN1 drew pictures of the whole family. She showed me her art and explained each picture in her little four-year-old way. For some reason she colored me purple. When I asked her why I was purple, she said, " Cause you are beautiful, Booboo." Melted butter. After the big dinner on Thanksgiving, I found my way to a bed to take a little nap. GBN1 came in and crawled up beside me. She leaned back against me with her drawing pad in hand. While I snoozed, she sat quietly against me and drew pictures. Good stuff.

My friend, the Junk Diva, has a new granddaughter. This morning she told me that she had rocked Ella from 3 AM to 5AM. She wasn’t complaining. My friend, Janice, has a new grandson. I think her only reason for being on FaceBook is so that she can post pictures of him. Another good friend, Kim, just became a grandmother for the first time with a new granddaughter. Welcome to the Mush Club!

Spiritual thoughts:
According to the Bible, the Kingdom of God is Peace, Love, and Joy. It also says that His Ways are not man’s ways and that His Word is spiritual. I have come to understand that His Peace is much deeper than what the world knows as peace. From 1st Cor. 13, I know that His Love is different than the world’s love, and that God is love. The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart. So doesn’t it follow that His Joy is much stronger and maybe deeper than what we think? If I get great peace, love, and joy from my family, that is good stuff. But there is more, and I want it. May you all be so blessed!


Buck said...

That's a fine piece of writing, Lou. I remember when SN1 was born oh-so-clearly. I wasn't allowed in the birthing area, that was standard operating procedure in the way-back. But I remember VERY clearly the first time I held him... which seems both so very recent and yet so very far away.

As for grandkids... the best thing about 'em is you can send them home with their parents. Second-best is the revenge aspect -- you can watch them give their parents the same sorta grief the parents gave YOU. And laugh. And point. And laugh some more. ;-)

Skybag said...

Well, I don't have any children or grandchildren, but I do have a grandma. Spending the summers with her in Red River was really wonderful, but I think your's and Lizzie's friendship might be even more special. It's fun to watch you two.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, thanks for the kind words. Did you get to be in the room when Bobby/Robert was born?

Jes, your grandma is pretty special. Lizzie is too. Some day when you have the Grand G's (Gunner, Gaston, and Gustav) I will be sure to make them feel very special too.