Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Last of the Turkey

It has been one-of-those-days where my computer is concerned. I spent time going through Jesse's Thanksgiving photos only to have some sort of problem once they were all uploaded - or not loaded as the case might have been. I tried several other things to get them on my computer - without success. Finally I decided to get on Jesse's computer and get the photos I wanted on my memory stick. Then my computer chose to freeze up over and over again. By this time, I needed to get ready for my art students. If they showed up with me still in my pink robe, pulling my hair out over the computer, it would have been a bit awkward.

Art went well, although my favorite, Katy, was not there. One kid came early and stayed late. That doesn't mean he was here to do extra art work. No, his mom was just busy. I guess I wasn't. After the kids left, I kicked back long enough to finish my Diet Pepsi before starting supper. I made pizza - not on my diet, but so much better than left over turkey - again. Once you have had turkey sandwiches with lots of mayonnaise, turkey and tortillas, turkey chalupas, turkey enchiladas, etc. you just don't want anything to do with turkey for awhile. So here is a few more turkey day photos. Jesse had some good ones, but I only chose a few. Kitchen help

Turkey cookers - notice the fried biscuits floating in the oil - especially good with sugar.

Whipped cream beater cleaner


Family football


Kris, in New England said...

Oh the pics look so nice - looks it was a great day.

Staci said...

I love this time of year too! And I love to be the beater cleaner, even though I might be a little old to get the job. :)

joyce said...

wonderful pictures! That is smart to cook the biscuits in the oil.

snowed here this Wednesday morning for one hour. Did y'all get any?

Bag Blog said...

Staci, I would fight most anybody for the whipped cream beaters, but grandkids are special.

Joyce, No snow - thank God - just rain.

Kris, We have had several years now of good weather on Thanksgiving. If this is global warming, I like it.

Mrs. Bear said...

Well I do have a few issues with family get togethers (imagine that) One is a family of 6 that is now a family of 10 that bring only one dish to the family gathering...we had NO left over turkey or left over anything....what do you think??? If you are bringing 10 people do you think you might want to think about doing as I was taught...bring enough food for your family PLUS one person.Honestly!!!!!

Buck said...

Great pics, as always. So I take it Jess' ear-ringed, square-toe-booted friend didn't play? ;-)

And I assume your 'puter finally decided to play nice, too. Hopefully.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Jesse found Ol' Chest'er on FaceBook and is now friends with him. But I think she feels pretty safe. The computer is better today, but I used the laptop yesterday to do my blogging. I need to do some cleaning on it, but I am the great procrastinator.