Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas

The wind started howling about 4 AM. It has been raining sideways since then. The cold front is supposed to hit soon and turn the moisture into snow - great. I'm snuggled down with the animals and lots to do today. I don't plan on going anywhere, but we are definitely in for a White Christmas.

The other evening when Toby came home from work, he had a couple of huge rolls of plastic. He had this idea to roll it across the floor joists to keep things dry when this storm hit. We rolled the first piece out across the new addition - stapling it and putting boards down to keep it from blowing away. Toby asked, "Do you think this will work?" I told him that if a hard wind came from the north, the plastic would be in the pond pretty quickly. But what the hey! We continued to put the plastic down over the joists - like we could not help ourselves and had to try it. When the storm hit this morning, the plastic did not last long. Looking out into the dark I could see that the plastic was gone. Oh well. As Toby bundled up to head off to work, he stopped by my chair, stooped to kiss me good-bye, and said, "When it gets light, gather up all that plastic..." I started laughing before he could say it all. Yeah right!

Jesse and Grandma got to RR as planned. Jesse sent me a text to let me know they had arrived. She also sent me a text saying: We R waiting on everyone to get here. Went sledding to kill time. You should see G (Grandma) come down the mountain. What fun!
It sounds like Jesse and G are having a good time – as I knew they would. How could you not have fun with Jes? And G is a hoot too!

My internet is iffy with the storm hitting now. I had better wish you a merry Christmas while things are going well. May you all be blessed by friends and loved ones. May you all stay warm.
Here is a photo from about Christmas 1984. I love these two mop-heads.


Buck said...

Cute pics!

We'll have a White Christmas to start, as well. Right now it's 25 degrees with a wind-chill of 8. Lotsa blowing snow... I'll definitely spend the day indoors.

Merry Christmas!

Bob said...

The snow's been falling for a couple of hours here and the temp has just dropped to 31. A few more hours of this and we may just have that three inches of white Christmas the forecasters are promising,

Jo Castillo said...

Those are great photos. :) Guess our weather is a little better here, eh? There are some snowflakes in Round Rock about 50 miles north of us. Looks like it won't really come down south of Waco. Sorry for the plastic problems. Hope your Christmas is warm and fuzzy. I know you will miss Jesse and Grandma. Hugs from down here!

Buckskins Rule said...

Stay warm and safe, Lou!

Mike said...

I'm somewhat amused by the fact that while this massive winter storm is pretty much schwacking the entire middle third of the U.S., Anchorage is quite mild by precip, no wind, and temps around 30. Of course, that's because we're along the ocean...the interior is still bitterly cold like it is the entire winter.

Of course, we still have a White Christmas from the FOUR FEET of snow we got last week, but it's just not quite the same when the pavement is all slushy and nasty instead of still covered in freshly fallen snow.

Bag Blog said...

No snow in your area? Now I know I want to head south. This storm was way too much for a little plastic, but we gave it our best shot. Enjoy your tamales and posole - I'm envious.

Thanks. Our little house is warm and cozy and has gas heat and stove - all is good.

Yeah, there is humor in the situation somewhere, but I'm not laughing. Snow in TX and OK is just useless and messy. I've lived where there was snow on the ground for 7 months out of the year. It is not bad, but it gets old. I can live with this little bit of mess - it will be gone in a day or so. Have a good Christmas!

Bag Blog said...

Buck and Bob,
Have a merry white Christmas - stay snug.

Buck said...

Merry Christmas to you and Toby, Lou! I see your WX radar looks completely clear this morning... and I hope it stays that way for ya!