Monday, December 07, 2009

Wingin' Weekend

In typical Baggett fashion, we went into the weekend without much of a plan, but that is okay. We are known for wingin’ it. Friday night Toby and I both got home about the same time. We were just setting down to tortilla burgers, when I said, "Are we going to Jesse’s play tonight?" We mulled over the possibility of going on Saturday night or the matinee on Sunday. Toby replied that he would rather just stay home. I think the thought of hustling around getting ready for the play and going back into town did not sound very pleasing to him. But then I reminded him that the play did not start until 7:30 – giving us plenty of time to eat and get back to town without being hurried. So we finished supper, which included chilies from our garden roasted on the grill and laid over our burgers. They were hotter’n Hades, but helped clear the sinuses. Then we were off to play to hear Jesse’s one line.

It pays to wing it. When we got to the theater, the parking lot was full due to events going on in the Simmons Center. Toby kicked me out at the door with instructions to buy our tickets while he parked the car. I bought tickets and signed up for the Duncan Little Theater T-shirt drawing. I always sign up, but never win. Toby joined me, and we found some perfect seats directly in front of the stage midway up. Sure enough, Jesse delivered her one line – we would have missed it totally if we had not known her part in the play. We thought that was it and were pleasantly surprised when she came back on stage for another line. Then another, and another. She came on stage sniffing the smoke from Imogene’s cigar smoking in the ladies room. She ran and jumped across the stage hollering "Fire!" sending the kids scattering. Then she came back on stage after the firemen left – and again towards the end of the play. When the play was over and she had taken her bow, I looked at Toby and said, "Hmm, that was quite a bit more than one line. What’s up with that?" As it turned out, another actress could not be there on Friday night, so Jesse did her part. And she did it very well. I was so glad we got to see the play on Friday night. And guess who won the T-Shirt! Me!

We worked on the house out in the cold on Saturday. Bo came out to help us. He said we looked like Eskimos. Jesse took photos to document our progress, which was slow. I hate it when we do something wrong and have to re-do it. Well, we put the anchor bolts in wrong – three times. It became comical. Working with Bo is always a hoot, and he had me laughing at our mistakes. At one point Toby asked for a wrench. Both Jesse and Bo handed over their wrenches. Just as Toby reached for one, both of them pulled their wrenches back. They did this three times – like the Three Stooges. Yep, the Baggett Builders are back on the job.
Here is me and my dogs – Jack is quite the climber. Jesse thought it was funny that Toby was in the background working hard while we clowned around for the camera.
Here is Bo working – He has had that hat since he was on the ski team in RR 15 years ago. I guess head size does not change much.
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The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Nothin like cuttin it 3X only to find it's still too short.

Funny story...i saw Jesse running in WM on Fri nite...she was in a hurried tizzy cuz she was late for the play...when asked she replied, "Its no big deal, i only have one line anyway...i can be late..." little did she know...

Buck said...

All y'all DO look cold. I'm kinda split on which is worse... melt-in-yer-shoes heat or freeze-yer-a$$ off cold. Neither are much fun, but then again one rarely sees perfect 75-degree days when ya gotta get something, anything, done.

Home-grown chiles on burgers sounds just too danged good! I'm envious... and there's your understatement for the day.

Congrats to Jesse!

Bag Blog said...

I've been so cold that I cried - it was miserable. I've stepped outside only to have my nose hairs freeze. I will stand the heat better.

For a good laugh, bring your lawn chair and beer to watch us when we start framing the walls. I promis entertainment.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

yeah...what would i use that chair for? holding my beer? I know i'd get a hammer stuck in my hand, a tool caddy, and a sack full of nails. Not that i mind you recruiting help...the food's always worth it.