Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Picture Story Time

These pictures were taken after Thanksgiving, which was a fairly warm weekend. I asked Jesse to take a new photo of the GGs and me on the four-wheeler for my blog. Of course, that meant riding them around the pasture and then some. We rode out to the mailbox and got the mail. On the way back to the house, we were zipping through the pasture and the GGs were squealing and laughing when the mail flew out of the basket on the four-wheeler (I didn’t think we were going that fast…). Without thinking I said, "Crap!" GBN1 laughed and repeated my word. Great - if that gets back to her mother, we are toast.

Here is my favorite photo that will go on the blog. Then we started clowning around. Silly Booboo!
Then the dogs joined us (I mentioned yesterday that Jack, the Red Heeler, is a climber. Then we moved over to the new addition on the house, which was highly entertaining for the GGs. GBN2 was Jesse’s Girl! Then it was time for the GGs to go home :(

Speaking of Jesse, here she is as "Mrs. Clausing" in The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever. She did not like all the make-up.


Buck said...

Great - if that gets back to her mother, we are toast.

Heh. If that's the worst of it, then you're a saint, relatively speaking. Coz if you'd be "toast" then I have NO earthly idea what I'd turn into... but it sure wouldn't be GOOD. ;-)

Great pics. Looks good in your sidebar, too.

Buck said...

Heh. Spammers sure are sneaky these days!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

OhhhhNOOOOO...THAT was a BAD idea there T-sip...bad idea.

Yeah...i agree with Uncle Buck...and take it a bit further...you ARE a saint.

Buckskins Rule said...

Buck's right...I'm sure that when I am a grandparent, the youngun's will learn a new word or two from me...and I will be toast. The phrase "mouth like a sailor" isn't just an old wives tale.

When the oldest daughter was but four, she was in bed, and Mrs. BR and I were talking in the living room. I don't recall which word I used, but suddenly, from the quiet of her bedroom we heard "Daddy, that's a bad word!". Busted! Now that she's 23, it's funny to hear her use those words now.

Isn't funny how quick kids pick up on the words we don't want them to hear.

Bag Blog said...

BR, We had the same problem with our kids - Jesse being the worst about picking up bad words - me being the culprit who used them. I often used "ass" to describe other drivers on the road and Jes picked up on it. In my defense, "ass" only has three letters so technically it is not a "bad word".

Piper, at first I was confused on the T-sip. Was someone wanting me to join an online dating site - then I figured it was just spam.

GUYK said...

LOL good pics. You will get that addition done maybe by the next time I get to bow and arrow country...hmmm in about two years?