Thursday, December 10, 2009

Church with the GGs

By the time GBN1 was a year old, she had quite the little personality. Somewhere we have a video of GBN1 whistling, which she did anytime the word "dog" was mentioned or she saw a dog. I remember a time in church when the preacher said the word dog, and GBN1 started whistling. Later people asked me if it were me whistling – she could whistle like a grown-up. Yeah right! I’m going to whistle out in church. It was the baby! I got lots of looks that said, "Sure, Lou, blame the kid." I found this past post, which tells a funny on GBN1

GBN1 is a hard act to follow, but GBN2 is coming in to her own. At first she did everything her big sister did, and she still does, but the real Soph is coming out. Jesse got a video of the GGs dressing up their Crewcraw (Toby) the other day. I hope she posts it, because it is hilarious. Update: here is the video And Crewcraw should get "Best Grandpa of the Year." While we were keeping the girls a couple of weeks ago, Toby came in and gave me a kiss. In her husky baby voice, GBN2 grinned and said, "Ah you meh-weed? My mommy is meh-weed to my daddy." She has such a funny way of looking at things - everybody knows you don’t kiss unless you are married. In Jes' video, GBN2 says "meh-weed" and I think you would find it funny.

So last night at church the GGs were allowed to sit with us – probably a mistake, but lots of fun. During the lesson both girls were fairly quiet and coloring on some paper, which Booboo keeps in her big "Mary Poppins" bag. I left for just a few minutes to take GBN1 to the bathroom, but when I came back I saw that Crewcraw had let GBN2 have a Sharpie highlighter. I NEVER let GBN2 have the highlighter, because she colors herself, the paper, the chair, her tongue, etc. Eventually I got the highlighter from her without any fuss and tried to hand it off to Toby to hide. GBN2 is pretty quick, and she saw the handoff. She demanded the highlighter to which I said no. In a loud whisper voice, she gave me the what-for. I couldn’t really hear what she was saying, but her tone and eyes were enough to let me know that she was mad at me. Although it was funny and very entertaining, speaking to Booboo with a not-so-respectful voice is not a good idea. I leaned down and told her she would behave or go set with her daddy. At this point, her legs turned to noodles, and she collapsed to the floor in a heap. I reached to pick her up, but she crawled under the chair. I tried to pull her out, but she went further. Crewcraw bent over to get her, and she latched her little fingers around the chair. He pulled to no avail. He stood up and pulled her by her legs – didn’t budge. He went down and pried her fingers loose and pulled her out – she was a noodle again. I had lots of thoughts like: How very ridiculous! How very funny! Better win this one. Go get ‘em Crewcraw! What will the preacher think? Etc. I also wondered what Toby was going to do with her once he got her out from under the chair. I know what I would have done, and it would not have been pretty. The situation may have been funny, but it still called for discipline. Fortunately Toby is more wise than I am, and he handed GBN2 off to be disciplined by her father. She was back a few minutes later in Crewcraw’s lap coloring on the same piece of paper as if nothing had happened. Don’t you wish we all had such forgiveness/forgetfulness in us when we have major confrontations?

Eventually, the GGs packed up and left church early. Sometimes church runs late on Wed nights and the GGs get tired – obviously. I was still giggling when they left.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i wondered what was going on over there...i wasn't paying much attention though. It was kinda interesting to see R's facial expression as he noticed the was more like..."Does someone need help over there?" and then the light came on as to what was happening and he went right on, never missing a beat. and yeah...that is a funny story...and a funny video.

joyce said...

how do you keep a straight face in front of them?

Bag Blog said...

Kind of like the highlighter, we don't hide things very well. Sometimes we do lol.

People have always thought it was GBN1 that was like me. They are about to find out that it is GBN2 - the stubborn one.

Buck said...

Fortunately Toby is more wise than I am...

Wiser than me, too. But, yeah. Handing off to Dad was the right thing to do.

Toby is not only wise, but he is patient, as well. I watched the vid at Jesse's place... ;-)

Buckskins Rule said...

Buck is right.

When my daughters were much younger, they used to like to give me "haircuts". I would end up with an assortment of hair clips pinned in hair by the time they were done.

Strangely, none of them has pursued a career as a hairdresser.

Bag Blog said...

Toby is wise and he is a good granddad. He also just enjoys those GGs messing with him.

There is something special about dads and their daughters - you probably made some great points while getting your hair done.