Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend Report - Grand Lake

Jesse and I went with 12 other ladies to Grand Lake, OK, this past weekend.
The house was beautiful.
Here is the view from the deck.
We celebrated my friend, B’s 60th birthday by spending the weekend at a beautiful house on the lake. The weather was overcast and cold, but we just wanted lots of time together – laughing, talking, playing games – a girl’s weekend. The fellowship time was great. Moving the herd around was not so great. You know, I am a bit of a Border Collie personality, and I tend to bark and nip heels if people are not moving right along. With 14 ladies, it was difficult to restrain my tendency to give orders. That reminds me, years ago, I told my family that I would like to be the cruise director on a ship. My family laughed and teased me. My son said, "You mean drill sergeant!" and then he mimicked a sergeant, "You will play this game and you will have fun!"

Although I would love to tell you all about the weekend and the funny things that happened, it was mostly "you had to have been there" stories.
We did dress B up as the "Queen B" with a crown, scepter, bee wings and antennas – she was great!
Janice (B’s sister) wrote a song for B, and Cara put it to music and sang to B – it was beautiful and a tearjerker.
We played a game, which was similar to Taboo and charades. I drew "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" and had to act out the line. I went for the word "Christmas" first – easy. Then I went for "hippopotamus" by holding my arms out like I was big, and then making a hippo mouth with my fists – they didn’t get it. At one point someone guessed "How Great is Our God," which was so ridiculous everyone cracked-up.
In this picture, B and her daughters along with Janice and Lindz are making the "hippo sign," which became the weekend joke. There were lots of other jokes and lots of fun, but what goes on the road stays on the road.

One other game we played was "Finish That Line." We were given a list of lines from Christmas carols, and we had to give the next line. It was much harder than it looked. Examples:
1. Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy-cozy are we…
2. Strings of streetlights, even stop lights, blink a bright red and green…
3. Gone away is the bluebird, here to stay in a new bird…
4. Christmas Eve will find me where the love light gleams…
To find the next line, the ladies would start singing the carol, but then stop where they did not know the rest of the song. Always, someone would continue singing the next line. Then we would all join in and sing the carol. It was a great way to sing Christmas carols.

We also went to the Christmas parade in Grove, OK, which advertised "80 lighted entries!" I think to qualify as a "lighted vehicle" you only had to turn on your headlights. Still, it was lots of fun – a good weekend, but hard on my diet.


Buck said...

I was four for four on your "what's the next line" gig... and I'm not that fond of Christmas carols. But there was a time, in the long ago and far away... and my memory is apparently better than I think it is. Thanks for that!

It's GOOD to get away and spend time with friends!

Veriword: fixiste. A professional (maybe French?) fixer-upper/problem solver. I need one of those.

Buckskins Rule said...

I'm batting zero on the carols. At least I recognized the songs that the first tow come from, just couldn't dig up the words.

Looks like you all had a fun time.

Junk Diva said...

I also do not have a herd mentality, as you noticed. Had a great time with the ladies anyway. We walked the dig, baby.

Bag Blog said...

We could have used you on the carols game, and knowing you, you might actually have enjoyed a weekend with 14 women.

The carols game was hard - like you we could recognize the song, but not the next line.

I would like to have ridden with you, but you are just so dang popular. You do walk the dig. Jes was totally talked out when she got in my car to come home.

Anonymous said...

.... sounds like you guys had a GREAT time!...


Jo Castillo said...

Must have been fun. I recognize the words as carols, but from there...? Looks like you have been in the deep freeze the last few days in your part of the world. We are warming up to 52 today, they say. Brr.