Friday, December 18, 2009

Lots of Art Days

Tuesday I had art with my younger kids – they talk a lot. Wednesday I painted with the Ladies – it was very nice and productive. Thursday I painted with my oldest students – my favorites. At some point I should probably think about Christmas – or not. Jesse is going off skiing. Bo and family will be doing something different this year. I feel like Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care.
In the meantime, here is my latest painting.
I often find some great reference photos over at From the Front Porch, who lives in Montana and takes wonderful, beautiful photos. This is one of the first ones that I tried painting. I kind of like it.
The Duncan Art Guild had their Christmas party last night. It was okay. Sticking to my guns, I did not play the Dirty Santa game, which made the evening much better. Why anyone would want to play that game is beyond me.
Today is kind of a "me" day. Hopefully, I will get to see the GGs and have lunch with my man and favorite daughter. The weather has been pretty nice the last few days and hopefully will hold out for the weekend so that we can get some more done on the house.
My son got his grades on his last CPA exam - HE HAS PASSED ALL PARTS! This is really big news and good news. Congrats Bo - you the man! Now you can relax and play some video games and read some novels before tax season starts. And you can come work on my house...


Ann from Montana said...

Hi Lou!

I love the painting - thanks for letting me know and also for the link.

A wonderful and blessed Christmas to you and your family.

Buck said...

Congrats to Bo!

I like the painting, too. Very evocative and the colors are perfect.

Junk Diva said...

We are having game night Christmas, you are invited.

How is the knitting going????

Bag Blog said...

Thank you for taking such wonderful photos. Have a great Christmas.

"Evocative" was an interesting word to use - thanks. Thanks for noticing and commenting on Bo's accomplishment.

The knitting is going okay - I'm practicing. Looks like we will go to Toby's family, but maybe we could skip out early and come see you.

Jo Castillo said...

Very beautiful painting, I like the saturated colors!

Is the Dirty Santa the game where they steal your present? They called it Chinese gift exchange at our pastel meeting. I hate, it, too. I took a $25 art gift and got about 10 pieces of homemade pecan brittle which was sugary and crumbly and not brittle. Sigh........ I don't have to go next year.....or play.

Bag Blog said...

The last time I played dirty Santa game, I gave a really nice gift - art supplies and such and got a $2 paint by numbers kit. I was upset. I also hate taking someone's good gift - it's just not in me.

Staci said...

That's a beautiful painting. You are talented!

Congrats to Bo!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Staci!