Monday, January 04, 2010

Lazy B's

It is downright cold here in OK, and it is suppose to get colder this week. You would think with all this cold weather keeping me in the house that I would have a clean house or lots of paintings done or Jesse married off by now. But no, procrastination was not on my resolution list, and I am still very good at it. I have been reading my novel, crocheting a baby blanket, and browsing the internet. I have done a minimum of housecleaning, but no ironing. I saved ironing until this morning when Toby actually needed clothes for work. I do work well under pressure. This is a good photo to show how we lay around like fat cats while watching football or Hallmark movies. Toby is about tired of Hallmark movies, and I feel similar about football.

Jesse and I went to see the movie "Sherlock Holmes" on Saturday afternoon. I really liked it. I had heard reports that it was "dark," but I thought it was probably more true to the books than other movies of Sherlock Holmes. Industrial Age London probably was crowded and dirty. People of that age probably did dabble in the occult, and Sherlock probably was one irritating, odd duck.
Today is suppose to be the warmest day of the week, and the cold is below normal. I may go run my errands while we are having a bit of warmth.


Buck said...

We've been having a short run of slightly above seasonal average temps... which I took advantage of in my usual way. But it looks like there's a hella cold front coming our way Thursday; the forecast is for a high of only 25 degrees.

Tired of football? Impossible! (unless we're talking NFL, which is ENTIRELY possible, not to mention desirable) Tired of Hallmark movies? (no comment) ;-)

Jo Castillo said...

We are tired of Hallmark, Lifetime and all TV. Tried to watch the Mystery on PBS tonight and it pixelated on me and couldn't understand what they were saying. Shucks. This unusual cold is very irritating .. I agree with you there.

Bag Blog said...

We are about to batten down the hatches here at the Lazy B for the big cold spell. The good thing about TV football is that I get lots of crocheting and reading done.

I think you are right about "all TV." I'm ready for some warmer weather so we can do more outside.