Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Martha Stewart I'm Not

Back in our NM days, I bought a king-size Eddie Bauer fake-down comforter and a flannel coverlet to go over it. It is warm. We have used it for years throughout the winter months. We have taken it on camping trips in the late fall, and it has kept us toastie. Last week before the big freeze hit, Toby asked me to find our big Eddie Bauer fake-down comforter in its flannel covering, which I had put in a storage bucket somewhere in the storage unit. Normally I would already have this out for the winter months, but we bought a new comforter last fall, and I did not bother with the Eddie Bauer, heavy-duty comforter. So I found the comforter, and as the big freeze blew in, we put the it on the bed. When we got into bed and pulled it up to our necks, we realized that the comforter did not smell very good. It smelled of mildewed tent, Rubbermaid storage bin, and a hint of musky dog, which all together was a bit like, well, puke. We managed the smell through the night, but the next day, I pulled the coverlet off and washed it. The comforter was too big for my washer – so I carried it outside and hung it on the clothes-line after spraying it down with Fabreeze – hoping this would work until I could get it to the laundromat (you know how I love laundromats). That was on Wednesday when I painted with the Ladies. When I came home, the comforter was on the ground. My dogs, the ones who have never pulled anything off the line, had pulled the comforter off the line and torn a hole in it – not to mention rolling it all over in the grass and rolling all over it. Talk about smell bad! Talk about mad! I hang towels on the line all of the time – why not tear up a towel rather than a comforter. It is just Murphy’s law. Yesterday, I got the comforter patched and to the laundromat (shiver) without any major stress. It is now in its coverlet and on the bed smelling sweet. Last night it kept us toastie warm – I love that comforter. I hope it lasts through many more winters and camping trips. Now if I can just find the pillow shams for it. Ranger the Rat loves the comforter too.

Since building this house, we have had plans to put in more shelves/cabinets, but it just has not happened. Much like trim work, it can wait, and has waited. Yesterday, Toby finished my bathroom cabinets and put them in place. It is like having a whole new bathroom. My plan was for the cabinets to be just shelves where I could put decorative baskets in the slots. Toby had other plans. We compromised with this. Actually, Toby held out longer than I, and I was happy with whatever I got. I am very happy with the cabinets. Of course, Jesse wants to eventually take out the shower and put in a bathtub, which would mean removing the cabinets. Maybe I can marry her off so that she has no say in the matter. See that cat laying on Jesse; it ate my breakfast (eggs and sausage) this morning. I may have to do some animal control rather than house decorating - red heeler rug and black cat blanket.


Buck said...

Well, look at it this way: the dogs thought they were just helping you get to the laundromat. Dogs are like that, yanno? Helpful. ;-)

Bag Blog said...

Buck, they are helpful dogs. I think we need a cow for them to chase around the pasture.

joyce said...

You are so patient with your animals---yikes.

Junk Diva said...

Animals, got to love em.

I tell Randy we could support a small nation on what we spend feeding animals every month.