Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paintings of the Week

On Tuesday, my youngest art class worked on one point perspective. I taught them the basics and showed several examples. We drew several simple items first, including the highway that vanishes off into the horizon with a fence and telephone poles and maybe a house if the student was feeling industrious. Then I brought out a picture with one point perspective for my students to copy. The plan was to incorporate all lessons on drawing from the past and the new lesson on perspective. I was pleasantly surprised that my students wanted to "finish" the drawing. It has been a while since I have done a complete drawing. The blurb in the upper left corner is where I used this paper to test a color - before I realized that I might actually like the drawing. Most drawing that I do is a quick gesture type drawing for a painting. I don’t do a lot of detail drawing with shading and such. It was kind of fun, and I thought I would show you how it turned out.

Yesterday the Painted Ladies came to my house, which meant major house cleaning and lunch preparations. I finished this painting (kind of loose and wild), which I had started last week. I did a quick portrait in my new journal on the funky paper – trying to keep it simple so that the paper would not come apart. Still, I was finished all paintings long before the others, but conversation was good.

Today is also art, but I don’t know if anyone will show up. There are some ideas rolling around in my head – so I may do art whether anyone shows or not. It may be all about me today.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

if ya kinda unfocus your eyes a bit, the blurb looks like and airplane...but it kinda messes up the rest of the pic. Wish MY art teacher woulda let us do something like THAT!

Mrs. Bear said...

Love the creative air about your post. I love the loose and wild part!!! So much of life has to be strict and over focused it is relaxing. Cleaning out draws and moving Erin this weekend...crying off and on over days gone by.
Excited over the future and sad/glad that a young man is waiting in the wings. Weird day to say the least!!!

Buck said...

The drawing and the paintings are way-cool, as always, and the one of Montmartre is my fave of the bunch.

"Loose and wild." Heh. Montmartre is JUST the sort of place where ya can do that. A brief vignette:

TSMP, a friend and I were in a sidewalk cafe up in Montmartre late, late one night... drinking lotsa wine and watching the people. All of a sudden some young dude came tearing up the sidewalk not three feet in front of us with two cops in hot pursuit... and I mean these guys were HAULING A$$! The first cop gained ground on his quarry almost right in front of us, horse-collared the perp and brought him down in a head-over heels tumble. There was hardly any reaction among the observers in the cafe as this happened... no panic, no squeals, hardly anything. But one of the women sitting at the table next to us took a sip of her wine and casually said to her companion "Il est vite, le flic" (the cop is fast). And that was that...

Thanks for firing off that memory for me, Lou.

Becky said...

Love the drawing. The paintings are good, too, but drawing is my first love.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Buck, Thanks for sharing that memory. Jes has some new Paris pics up.