Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rainy Days and Thursdays

Although yesterday was overcast with a good breeze, we were able to get the third wall up. We must be getting faster and better, because we had it built by the time the neighbor boys showed up to help us lift it. Then we had enough daylight to cover the deck with plastic and every piece of junk possible – to hold the plastic on – to get ready for the winter storm. As I type, the wind is howling and the rain is blowing sideways. The plastic is still down – yeha! There is the strong possibility that the rain will freeze later this afternoon making the roads treacherous. After the Christmas fiasco, the weathermen have been "Chicken Little’s" about this storm. I’m hoping that it hits more to the north and east of us, but I am ready for whatever. The temps are dropping – darn it. Chicken Little has now taken over regular TV programming – as if all us housewives, who watch daytime TV) are stupid enough to get out, or as if we cannot read a simple warning across the bottom of the screen while watching our favorite shows, or as if they have not been reporting the coming of this storm all week. Maybe I will work on art today – all by myself – what a concept. This picture was taken a few minutes ago through the window ('cause I really am smart enough to stay inside). You can see the kitchen light reflected in the glass/sky. It is kind of a silly pic, but it shows the junk on the deck and the third wall.


Buck said...

You can see the kitchen light reflected in the glass/sky.

Well, dang. I thought you'd captured visible proof of aliens.

I'm not smart enough to stay inside. I went out and took a few pics of the snow and ice... it's miserable outdoors. We're having thundersnow, the lights are flickering and I lost my 'net for a half hour earlier. Fun stuff. Not.

Bag Blog said...

I hear you, Buck. Not fun at all.

Towanda said...

I like staying inside when it is snowing .. and being all warm and comfy but still being able to watch the falling snow, which I love. Today I am going to get some sewing done while the snow falls. IF I can get off this internet. LOL

Towanda said...

I forgot - Lou, I love how large your new addition is going to be!

Towanda said...

Love the Singoli picture.

One of my friends here is trying to marry off her almost 30 year old son. He's educated - working on his PhD in Albuquerque, and good looking. Nice family. He's a conservative.

Would Jesse be willing to relocate? LOL