Monday, February 01, 2010

Power Weekend

We lost power last Thursday when the rain turned to ice, but we weren't the worst hit. Other parts of OK were much worse than we were. Our little house has gas heat, gas cook-stove, and gas hot water heater. We just did not have lights. Jesse used her laptop and battery and with the three of us cuddled on the couch, we watched a movie Thursday night. Friday we cleaned house as best we could to get ready for Bo and Sara and the GGs who did not have any power/heat at all to come stay with us. One of Jesse's coworkers came over. Being a Louisiana boy, he had never played in the snow. Jesse was pretty rough on him. They tied a half-barrel to the back of the four-wheeler and pulled each other all over the pasture. Squeals of laughter could be heard all the way to the house as they slung each other in the snow. At one point, the coworker was trying to get back in the barrel/sled, but every time he reached for it, Jesse would pull up a bit - and laugh. I'm not sure I will ever get her married off.

The power came on Friday afternoon and we were able to watch a movie that night. Our little house was pretty crowded, but warm and cozy.

Saturday was pretty much the same only Jesse and Bo and the GGs played on the four-wheeler. The dogs seemed to enjoy all the excitement. Jesse ditched us Saturday night for a birthday party with friends. The rest of us watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or as GBN2 says, "Seven Bwuthahs for Seven Bwides." You should hear her sing the "Sabine Women" song.

Sunday we were all tired of being in the house. Tired of the close quarters, although the GGs loved "camping out" in the floor. Bo and Sara checked on their house that afternoon and power was on. They packed up the kids and blankets and headed home. Toby, Jesse and I headed to town just to get out for a little while. The roads have been clear – it is the power lines and trees that are a problem.

This morning, I still do not have internet and it may be a while yet. I am at Bo’s office. How would you like your mom to show up at your work place and beg internet. Many people in Duncan are still without power. People in Marlow and other places to the north of us can expect more days without power. News reports show power companies from all over OK and TX have descended on the area and are working hard to restore power. It is a mess. I took some photos on my way to town this morning. Keep in mind that this storm hit last Thursday, and things are still frozen. frozen fence
Notice the trees. Notice the power lines. Power lines are still sagging, but in some places they snapped poles completely. Schools are closed today. It is pretty rough for some people. I feel like we have been very lucky with our little house, but after living in NM where power outages were a regular occurrence, well, you just plan better. But I am missing my internet.

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Buck said...

Nice pics! All y'all got hit a LOT harder than we did. We only got a lil bit of ice, just enough to make things pretty when the sun came out. I did hear that certain parts of P-Ville were without power for 12 ~ 14 hours, tho.

Hang in there!

Mike said...

Looks like not much an email today that Altus got hit hard enough that they put a hold on all personnel going TDY or PCSing in to the base. Apparently pretty much the entire base is without power.

At least they're a training base so they don't have any real world absolutely necessary missions...if that happened up here, between the fighters on alert and the C-17s that are always coming and going real world, it would be a whole new level of suck.

Mrs. Bear said...

Brian and I were caught in the same storm up in Amarillo. We had gone Tuesday evening to Canyon to give Erin the Camry instead of her Mustang thinking it would be better in the snow...when we heard how BAD the storm might be we thought Erin might need the spent the night with Erin went home and got the Tahoe and took it back Wed night and spent the night. Thursday morning was HORRIBLE so Brian drove Erin to work (everything else was closed even the mall...but not a hospital)which ment we had to stay and pick her up on Thursday evening and it snowed all day which ment we had to stay Friday and Friday night and finally dug the Camry out by hand Saturday morning. In all the years I lived in snow this was the worst storm I have ever been in...people stuck everywhere big huge drifts...where have we taken our child to live...upside was we got to hang with Mr. Park...who has a NEW job as a agricultural credit loan officer. Very proud of that young man...seems to be really interested in Miss Erin...see there is a GOD!!!! LOL Get you vases!!!

Anonymous said...

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