Friday, January 22, 2010

Reason #11 to Marry Jesse or Not

Lindsay (Jesse’s best friend) claims that she never told fart stories until she met Jesse. Being raised with her mother and sister, maybe they didn’t talk about such stuff, but it has been pretty common in my household.

Yesterday at lunch with Toby and Jesse:
Jesse: Iceland has these vacation packages where you hike from cabin to cabin and it only cost…
Me: Italy has bicycling packages that sound much more fun.
Jesse: But this is a trip for Lindsay and me.
Me: You and Lindsay don’t get to take another trip without her husband (Shay).
Jesse: Sure we do. We have decided to take a trip every year.
Me: There is no way Shay will let his wife go off with you again, and he not go too,
Toby (teasing): Especially since you two didn’t call him like you were supposed to do.
Jesse: Sure he will.
Me: NOT!
Jesse: WILL!
Me (eyes narrowed): Shay is probably praying big-time that you get married soon.
Jesse: He is, but he doesn’t know anyone either.
Toby (teasing): He will probably lower his standards.
We all lol.
Toby (teasing): Can he fog a mirror?
Jesse and I look confused.
Me: Don’t look at me; I don’ know what he is talking about.
Jesse: Dad, we are not getting you.
Toby: You know, is the guy alive, is he breathing, check for breath…
Jesse: Oh, I see. I was thinking you meant, "Can he fog a bathroom."
Jesse batted her eyes coyly as if flirting with a guy and waved her hand imitating Ace Ventura - coming out of the bathroom: Oooh-weee! I'm impressed!"
We all LOL. I love the way her mind works or doesn’t work.
Here is my people painting of the week.


AirmanMom said...

Painting is very nice!

Mrs. Bear said...

Ummm breathing is nice...we met the kids (Erin and Mr. Park) last night at church...Erin was mad (she looked like she had had a hard day)Come to find out she had been told "NO" Brian and I laughed...the nerve of Mr. Park...Hope she doesn't chase him away...

Buck said...

re: the painting. You have a good eye for people, Lou. Looks like Italy to me, and while we're on about that: I was always impressed with how the older folks in Europe went to such lengths to "dress nice."

Bag Blog said...

It is Italy - I found the reference photo in a cookbook. You are right about European dress. Americans are the ones wearing tennis shoes - I'm not sure what that says about us - slouchy or practical.

Mr Parks seems pretty cool-headed for a red head.

Airman Mom,
Thanks for the kind words.

Junk Diva said...

She is a keeper! Wish I had another son!

Bag Blog said...

I wish you did too.