Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Report

There was no point in trying to work on the house with the wet weather on Saturday – so we all went to The City. We all had different "rat killin" to do. Jes went up on Friday night and spent the night with Lindz. Toby went in his truck and bought a planer and joiner. I went with Lindz’ mom and did some shopping. The big plan was for us girls to meet at Lindz’ house later for a wedding shower, while Toby went on home with his new toys. We did meet for a wonderful lunch at Ted’s in Edmond before heading to the shower.
Farrah, Lindz’ cousin, is getting married! Isn’t she beautiful! The younger girls put on a small, quiet (ha!) shower for her. Lindz said she wanted her house to look like it "threw-up valentines" – which is not Farrah’s style at all. When Farrah arrived at the shower, we sang "Going to the Chapel" and danced around her. We played games and shared stories from our own weddings. We played "pin the bouquet on the bride" – notice how mean Kara (the Diva’s daughter) is - holding the "bride" upside down. Of course there was the usual "design a wedding dress" game with toilet paper. Then we had Farrah throw her candy bouquet to the single girls. Jesse and Kara fought good-naturedly over the bouquet. After wrestling over the bouquet and lots of laughing, I snapped this photo - Kara said, "You know, I really like your dress!" Jesse said, "Really?" I loved the look on their faces - and they were sincere.

Lindz came over and lounged around with Jesse watching football. At the end of the Vikings vs. Saints game, there was some lady on stage giving away the big trophy. She was wearing a white blouse with puffy sleeves, tucked into a dark skirt. Lindsay said, "That lady is going to look back at those photos and regret that outfit. Yep, I would say that is the most regrettable play of the game." Poor Toby, he had to listen to Jesse, Lindz and I make comments like this all through both football games.


Towanda said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I loved the pictures from the wedding shower! And the story about all the funny comments interrupting Toby's football game. LOL

Junk Diva said...

Isn’t she beautiful.

Yes, she is glowing, i am so happy for her.

The younger girls put on a small, quiet (ha!) shower for her.
Not a chance with that group.

Jesse and Kara fought good-naturedly over the bouquet.

Not so sure it was good-natured. LOL.

I was so sad the Vikings lost. Happy the Colts won. Good games.
Super Bowl party my house.

Buck said...

Great pics AND narrative. Now I feel something like a gender spy. ;-)

re: yesterday afternoon/evening. Poor Toby!

Bag Blog said...

Our football comments were pretty bad, but it was the football questions which were really funny. Toby answered very patiently.

Yep, there was some definite jostling going on between our daughters - I noticed that you did not comment on the "mean" thing I said.

I left out the serious "gender" things - it would have made your ears turn red.