Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold Weather Blues

My fifth blog anniversary is coming up next week. Sometimes I think I have written everything I can write - all the stories have been told. Sometimes I have an idea for a post, but I feel censored. Sometimes I think, "Who would want to hear about that?" Sometimes I read someone else’s blog and get inspired. Sometimes I read blogs and can think of nothing to say at all. It is February, and I am crazed with all the cold weather this winter. Pay me no mind. This too will pass. Stories will come. Maybe…

I dreamed of Red River last night. In my dreams I know that I don’t live there anymore, but I miss it. Is it a Freudian thing? I don’t think I miss it, but yet I dream about it. It’s funny how things have been in our brain for so long, that they just keep coming back – like dreaming of my grandmother’s house or dreaming of my father. It makes me wonder about future dreams. What house will I dream of ten years from now?
We worked on the house Saturday since the weather was tolerable. Shay (Lindz’ husband) helped work, and helped to make things fun. Sunday was not workable weather. Monday was the pits, but we did do a little work when Toby got home. Today the trusses are coming. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice – I am sure we will hit it hard. Come on sunshine!


morninglady said...

I think it's all the weather. Lately I've had a lot of Alaska thoughts!!!!! I think I am missing it too.
Oh, I'm back by the way :)

Buckskins Rule said...

I usually start reminiscing about our former life in San Diego this time of year.

However, once spring has sprung, bringing on the good trail riding weather, the thoughts are quickly wiped away.

Bag Blog said...

Good morning, Dawn. Glad to see you again.

BR, I'm thinking about my time in McAllen, TX - at least until this summer.

Buck said...

I've had the February Blues, too. I should go back and check my entries for previous Februaries but this winter seems abnormal to me. It's been way too cold, too long.

Speaking of which... near 60 today and tomorrow, then back into the freezer.